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Borrowed Time! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Apr 1, 2018
“Borrowed Time!”

“America it is midnight and the time left to change your course is over! You are on My timeframe now, and the time before you is borrowed time!

I have chosen this time, this season, to shake the heavens and the nations; to bring forth both harvest and judgement! The plowmen and the reaper working together!

It is My time now! It is My time to fulfill My Work at hand. I have been patient for My Harvest, I have winked, but now I stare. I am purposed and I am determined to fulfill My Word!

America, your time has come to reap what you have sown. You are exposed and none can cover you. There is no escape from My fiery judgments of Righteousness! I have asked and I have begged you to repent through My Prophets and you refuse! You return to your vomit and you wallow in your mire. Enjoy your final meal and enjoy your lifestyle of filth!

For soon your toleration of such things will turn to your harm and disgust! Everything that is hidden in the dark, will soon be exposed by My Light of justice!

Soon every eye will see Me as Judge and they will know that I Am!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Ezekiel 17) To watch or listen to this message


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