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Born In Purple

November 15, 2020 4:37 PM

Yeshua said “Dye.”

This morning, I woke with a coversation between Yeshua and myself going on in my spirit. I was asking Him “what will they mark us (human species) with?” Yeshua: “Dye.”

The elites are not born in the Ruach hakodech. They are said to be “born in the purple” meaning royalty, and they often appear in public arrayed in purple. Think Hillary Clinton’s concession speech in 2016. At traditional churches, purple robes are worn in ecclesiastical affairs signifying Christ’s death.

Many Christians are questioning if the CV “Fast Paced Jab” is truly the mark of the beast. Scripture indicates three ways to identify yourself with the kingdom of darkness that is coming in full view: By receiving its mark, its name or its number.

Revelation 13:17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

After spending time searching out the answers within what the Ruach has already brought to my attention, I will add this to what I have posted here previously- messages about the injection/it’s effects/who is developing it…

Essentially, the dye within the CV jab is impregnated with tunable and programmable, self-replicating, bio-compatible nanobots that are electrical conductors. These will turn humans into walking tuning forks, who can be separated from YHUH both by frequency and delivering a DNA adjustment that will “switch off” our internal portal to divine interaction with Elohim, essentially murdering our spirit man. Death of Christ in us. Yet, it will allow one way mind and body control by false AI entities via 5 &6G tech.

I dislike putting wicked things in front of Yah’s Holy people, however for confirmation sake, here is an image from an esoteric illuminati “telecommunication” known as IPG ii. Please note these depictions:

1. Mimicking the “Pieta.”

2. Boy in bloody swaddling cloths.

3. Scarab representing the sun god.

4. Boy has the wounds of the “idol shepherd.”

5. Mother has red nimbus halo, indicating diety Isis, aka Wisdom or The Daughter of Babylon. Citation: https://sacred-texts.com/eso/sta/sta10.htm

6. Mother is holding up a vial of Purple DYE, backlit by the sun. With eye of horus shaped cloud hovering above:


This is how the nanobots containg the enzyme Luciferase payload glows:


May our wonderful creator YHUH bless you and keep you in His tender mercies.




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