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Booster = Death – Victoria


Booster = Death

February 18, 2022 8:47 AM

I had a dream around autumn 2021.

I was outside and the weather was very grey and bleak – it was so dense and gray it was almost black and white instead of colour. I sat at this desk outside and there was a woman sitting opposite me. She was apparently Bill G@tes’ wife but she looked different – slender with a short blonde bob hairstyle. I said to her something along the lines of: “It’s all of you isn’t it? You’re doing all this!” Then I ran off toward someone I know, the wind was blowing, the weather was grey and bleak. I said to them urgently: “We need to get hazmat suits! Now!”

Secondly, back in around April 2021 I picked up my phone to browse a website I would frequently visit at the time (they would share jab injuries, warnings and things that would not be published on mainstream media). Before I even unlocked my phone or knew what I was going to look at I remember hearing softly and quietly in my ear “No soul, no soul, no soul, no soul” repeating several times. I looked at an article of someone who had suffered a serious side effect of the injection. The first thing I saw was his picture. A thought immediately came to my mind: “That man hasn’t got a soul.” It was not nice to look at, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I had another dream which I actually wrote down, I am not sure if it is needed to be shared but I will do so in case the Lord would like me to: the date was the 11th June 2021.

I was in a room and on the wall there were two sheets of paper. There were symbols and letters written on the paper. I couldn’t remember exactly what they were when I woke up, but it looked like a triangle on its side with a smaller circle around it and a line out the right side of the triangle, almost like an arrow. Then another triangle on the side with a line in the middle. The letters I thought I could remember were: GVY GNS GVS YNS? I am not sure of the meaning of this dream. I do remember seeing later on that the symbol for delta was a triangle, I am unsure if it was related.

The last one is a little more personal as it relates to two people I know, I thought I would share it in case the Lord would like me to. This happened on Wednesday the 27th October 2021, in the afternoon. I did not know at the time (although I was expecting it may happen soon) but it was one week and a day before they would have their booster. Suddenly I kept hearing “Death, bad, dead. Dead, bad, death” repeating over and over, and I knew it was to do with the person I know. It was bothering me so much I kept anxiously checking my phone half expecting that something bad had happened to them that very day. One of them has had numerous health problems since, and the other I have seen as a Zombie in two visions.

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