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September 30, 2019
Marty Breeden

One of the most POWERFUL dreams I’ve ever had and seen, happened about 45 minutes ago:

It was a bright and pleasant and clear day outside. I happened to be driving down the road about to get on the Interstate.
I noticed that the clouds that day were particularly amazing in beauty and splendor and there seemed to be more of them.

(Actually I have been noticing that the clouds seem to be more magnificent lately!)

I was on the phone with someone, when SUDDENLY I heard a LOUD
The “BOOM” was SO loud that it literally shook my car!
It was so loud that I could hear it through the phone of the person I was talking to! (They would have been about 8-10 miles away)

The person that I was on the phone with said:
“Oh my word!!
Did you hear that? What was that?”

I confirmed that I heard it as well.
SUDDENLY….the entire atmosphere begin to change….
I begin to see MASSIVE strikes of lightning over the city….
Then I noticed that the lightning was all around me….all.arond my car…
It was everywhere!

I pulled over,…. exited my car and the air was ELECTRIC!!

I looked toward the Eastern sky….
I begin to see clouds gathering!

Beautiful big white clouds and they begin to gather….
Then the clouds begin to “swirl”.
The lightning strikes were EVERYWHERE!!!

As I gazed up into the sky, I saw in the middle of the clouds a portal begin to open….
It got bigger and bigger…
Then out loud, I screamed with great joy:


I awoke……
I’ll close with this scripture:

"For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be!"
(Matthew 24:27)

Please DO NOT turn this into a debate about the RAPTURE!
If you disagree…MOVE ON!
I say this in love but with Godly boldness…if you disagree, and that is your right, then do not comment.💙

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  1. KatieT

    Beautiful!!!! Praise you Jesus😁

  2. I have also been noticing the clouds in a different way, lately. I do believe that Jesus is coming soon, very soon. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  3. Awesome! Your dream may point to Revelation 8:5, “Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth. And there were NOISES, THUNDERINGS, LIGHTNINGS, and an EARTHQUAKE” (emphasis mine).

    Allow me to share a little of what I understand thus far:

    ⏳TIMEFRAME: “Then it will come to pass, when seventy years are COMPLETED, that I will punish the king of Babylon [Trump] and that nation [US], . . for their iniquity, says the LORD; ‘and I will make it a perpetual desolation'” (Jer25:12; cp Jer29:10; Zech1:12; Dan9:20): 1948 + 70 completed years = midnight 5/14/19; so expect judgments to commence anytime after this date!

    Back on 8/3/14, God gave me a dream pointing to: A) Isaiah 47:9, loss of children & widowhood occur in one day (cp Jer31:15-16; 49:11; Isaiah 49:25); and B) Revelation 8:7, fire burns Babylon/USA; our powergrid destroyed; our military cut off in one day (Jer50:30; cp Isaiah 7:23-24; Nah3:13) = setup for Rev8:8’s nuke (which looks like a mountain burning with fire” when launched) will be thrown into the sea, killing 1/3; likely causes a tsunami, possibly Dan11:22-23/Rev12:15’s flood that’ll sweep away Pres. Trump & admin., paving way for Antichrist-on-deck Obama to take the Islamic Caliphate helm(?) once Satan possesses him (Dan11:23; Rev13:3). Or perhaps Revelation 8:5’s fiery judgment (asteroid?) and earthquake will cause Daniel 11:22’s flood that’ll sweep away the current administration? 🔴Then LORD woke me from the dream, flashed a Jer51:27(?) banner vision which read “October 15”; affirming Amos 3:7, God reveals His secrets to His prophets. Vision faded before I could retain the year, affirming 1Corinthians 13:9, “we know and prophesy in part.”

    FMI, see my 1-page tribulation chart, video #108: https://youtu.be/29lZkR_Whts.
    Btw: I won’t argue w/you about the rapture – as no one knows the day or hour his soul will be redeemed from earth (Matt24:36); as saints “will be gathered one by one (Isaiah 27:12; Matt24:40-44), yet would like to point out 1Thess4:17’s “alive and remaining” saints caught up to meet the Lord in the air refers to Jacob’s remnant trib survivors (see Isaiah 4:3).

    Shalom! And YAH bless!

  4. Amanda N

    It is funny that you mentioned a “BOOM” and I have experienced that as well a while back. I was sleeping and my boyfriend at the time was trying to wake me up because it sounded like I was having a nightmare. Then, all of a sudden, I jumped up and sat there, he said, and I said, “Wow! That was a loud boom!” I don’t remember doing it or anything and I wasn’t speaking about anything that was outside at the time. I’ve also had dreams of being in a highrise building that was made of glass and I was in New York I think. Then all of a sudden Isaw crazy lightening everywhere! It wasn’t normal lightening either. It was different. Anyways, thank you for your messages. Very much appreciated. God bless!

  5. Robert Adolph

    Paul was also looking for the Blessed Hope, Titus 2:15, not the A/C.

  6. Debbie

    I live in Ohio and without a doubt the skies and sunsets have been breathtaking lately. The colors are incredibly brilliant and they linger like never before. I always look for openings in the clouds and picture His coming. It will be beyond anything we’ve ever experienced or envisioned. Bless you and yours, Marty! Thanks for sharing…it brightened my day!

  7. Matthew

    Yes we are looking for the blessed hope Robert, but not before the man of lawlessness has been revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4).

  8. Victoria L Vatland

    So cool Marty, a few months (2-3) ago I asked Father if He would please confirm if He was sending His Son sooner or later as I was so overwhelmed and pleaded for a sign in any way He chose to do so, if it be sooner, like weeks or a few months. A night or two later I had a dramatic dream of lightning, just lightning and I had no fear, our KING Messiah IS/I AM the lightning imho! Yay YAH! Thank you Father and Marty!

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