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Bombs Dropping & Nowhere To Hide! – Hannah


Bombs Dropping & Nowhere To Hide!

February 20, 2022 7:47 AM
Hi Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Over the past couple of years, this site has opened my eyes to many things and encouraged me. I thank God for His provision of the real prophetic word. Thank you Brother Jonathan for your work. 
I have never shared this, but I think the Lord wants it released for someone to hear. I do not fully know my end times call (martyrdom, 144, exhile, ect... not sure). I am just trying to endure until the end. Quite frankly I am terrified of going through possible suffering. More terrified of denying my Saviour! My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. If you are like me, perhaps this dream will bring you some peace. If any of you can give feedback to me on further interpretation, please feel free to do so.


I was running in a city that looked only to me what may be Germany/Sweden/Norway? (I am from rural upstate New York, but this was not there). There were planes over head dropping bombs on everything. Buildings were burning, people were running for cover, running every which way. I knew I had to get out and I somehow found a treeline that lead out of that city. As I made my way out through the trees, into the forest, the incline was very high. I started to climb and noticed there were a few others who had made it out too. A couple were ahead of me, some behind me, but not many at all. Even though I had made it out of the city, the trees were completely bare and the forest was just a blanket of dead, orange leaves. Like in the Autumn, but even less foliage. The planes could see us just as easily as when we were in the city and I had this sense of “There’s nowhere to hide!” All of a sudden, nestled down in a bed of leaves, I noticed a fawn. I stopped to look at it. It was so tiny, so adorable! I immediately became enamored by this little baby deer! The innocence and beauty captivated me and I knelt down to pick it up to bring it with me. When I sat down and embraced it seemed I forgot about the chaos going on around me. I just didn’t care because this sweet, gorgeous, little baby had all my attention. The fawn started to get to it’s legs and walk out of my lap down the hill, back to the direction of the destruction. I had a knowing that it was walking back to chaos, the wrong way I was going, but I didn’t care. I got up and went after it. Kind of like a little kid chases a butterfly, nothing else mattered in that moment but catching the most beautiful, sweet, little thing.

End of dream.

I believe this was given to me and you to show that when we love Jesus all else fades away. Even in the midst of complete and utter annihilation, His sweetness will overpower our fears. The Beauty of who He is will captivate us through all times. He gives the peace that surpasses all understanding

Blessings Beloved of God,
Hannah (:


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