Received September 16, 2017
Published September 17, 2017

Daughter, My tears run down My Face; the same Face that My Children refuse to seek. My daughter, they do not care even though I am the One who breathes life into them. They are more concerned with their things rather than being concerned over their transgressions against Me. My people are in such bondage ye they believe they are free. The entrapments of this world ensnare them and will take them to their demise.

Hearts are hardened. My calls go unanswered. They cannot hear Me because they surround themselves with noise. The enemy keeps them busy and distracted so they will not return to Me. My voice is a still, small voice and requires My children to set apart a time to be with Me in the quiet. They will spend hours on social media sites but will not spend one hour with Me. They run to and fro with no direction.

My children are living in denial that I AM is a God of judgment. They trust in the lies of men that I am restoring this nation to greatness for all they think about is their money, their wants, their desires. They seek earthly matters, prosperity and all the ways of man.

As more judgments come upon this wicked nation, these same people will not be able to deal with the reality of what will continually befall this nation. Many, many will commit suicide when their money is gone. The poor will fare better than the rich for they know how to live without luxuries and the trappings of the world. This society is split between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Once the rich are one with the “have nots” is when they will fall for they believe that their wealth distinguishes them as being above others; that they are better and more worthy. My Word says none are good, none are worthy. My eyes scan the earth and I see all. Their kingdoms are about to fall. The treasures of this earth to be no more.

America’s greatness is gone, even a child can see the deterioration yet My grown children refuse to see it, to accept these facts. America is trillions of dollars in debt and it will soon collapse under the strain of the weather catastrophes with more to come. The globalists control the markets and will let it crash. Cash brings about independence so they must implement a “cashless society” in order to control people. The New World Order is tyranny, dictatorship. All those who disagree will be exterminated in the FEMA internment camps and on your streets. Any who rise up and go against their plans they will dispose of. The “blinded” ones will accept the RFID chip, become modified and evil and will do their bidding. These blinded ones refused to see even when truth was given and shared. They refused to come out of complacency and to heed warnings I have given through My vessels.

My daughter, I am Sovereign over all and I have not relented of pouring judgments on this evil nation. I AM is exposing all their whoredoms and their wickedness so that My children will see. Many still turn a “blind eye” to it all.

This nation I detest has not repented nor do they desire to. They believe their yoga masters, their pagan gods will bring them all the desires of their hearts. All their idols will fall – these are abominations to Me.

The judgments are to wake My slumbering children up. They are not to harm but to bring redemption. I must take all that is not of Me away so that they will finally see. I am merciful and loving and mighty to save. When all is well, they do not seek Me. Darkness must come for all to see the difference between who I AM and who *asatan is. My light will shine brightly in the midst of darkness, chaos and upheavals. My desire is for all to be saved yet I know the hearts of men and this will not be. The unrepentant will make their beds in She’ol. They chose unwisely.

I AM That I AM continues to call to all to come home to Me. My children, if I did not love you so much I would have no need to send prophets, watchmen, messengers to warn you. I could very well easily sit on My throne and let all of you fall and end up in the flames of fire but this is not who I am. My love runs far deeper than the sea and My arms are open wide for all to return to Me. Repent to Me child and let me cleanse you. Only I can wash you white as snow and it is only through Me one can enter into the city of God. Come to the fountain of living water for My kingdom is coming soon and it is a glorious kingdom. Let me wipe the tears from your eyes. Can you not hear the cry of My heart for you?

I am for you My children, not against you. I desire to save you. You only have two choices—repent and spend eternity with Me or reject Me and spend eternity in hell. Choice is yours—light and love or darkness and torment forever.

My children, events will continue, kick off event is not far off and this earth will fade away. Let go of this world; it will no longer matter soon.

I await your return! Will you come?

King of Kings

Yahushua HaMasiach

*asatan means satan

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 9/16/2017)

He wants you to read Jeremiah 13, Ezekiel 24 and Lamentations 1

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