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Black Submarines

October 19, 2020 6:04 AM
Servant of God

In 2010 The Lord gave me this dream.

We were on our boat in Pensacola anchored near a pass and a small island there at red fish point. I should mention that an Air force base is there also. Two friends who did not live there were on the boat with us. The sky was full of dark clouds and a strong wind was blowing out of the east. We were working on securing our vessel for the storm as others were securing theirs. Our friends asked what we were doing and I said don’t you see the storm? They did not and sat down thinking we were crazy. A man came aboard our boat and asked if he could pass over to get to where he needed to be. I said sure go ahead.

I jumped down onto the island and walked to the highest point. I looked out over the pass towards the Gulf of Mexico. My vision opened up and I saw the coast line of Florida. There along the coastline were black submarines all along the coast of Florida. They had no markings on them to indicated where they were from. Just black. I woke up.

A year after this dream our friends, in the dream, moved to Florida. A couple of years after that we moved our boat to Palmetto Fl. When we arrived The Lord spoke to me saying there was someone He wanted us to meet there. After a year the man He wanted us to meet showed up. He was in need of help and we had him over to our boat for help and we shared The love of God with him. He accepted Christ. This was the man passing over our boat in the dream getting to where he needed to go.

One thing in this dream has yet to come to pass, the black submarines. I was perplexed by these submarines and often prayed about them. Two years after the dream, in the news, it came out that Russia developed a sub that could come up to a coast line undetected. They are called Black Submarines. Beloved, our nation is in peril. There have been other signs of other nations, maybe the U.N., getting ready to come in. Chinese in Canada for one. For years the U.N. has been positioning themselves around our country. Be in prayer for our President, our leaders, and our nation. The storm is blowing in.

God Bless you all,
Servant of God


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