Black Horses Dream – Moriah

Black Horses Dream

Nov 10, 2019, 7:14 PM

This is a prophetic dream given to me one week ago, just as I was waking in the morning. I’ve been trying to interpret ever since, so, if anyone can help…

In my dream I was suddenly in the pitch darkness, all alone. I saw running past in front of my eyes a small pack of powerful black horses with black silky manes and tails. They all had what looked like a garland of small silver bells or ornaments across their chest, and each one had small bright white light glowing out of its chest. The scene was very dark, but instantly I could see they were circling back around and stopped, in formation before me. Then, one came near and halted in front of me, it’s eyes were fierce and it was very strong and tall. It just watched me, and I looked at them all. I was not in fear but the sight of them was startling.

There were no flames, no chariot, no riders or a horseman with scales. No white horses following. Just pure black spirit-horses in the dark… There were no words exchanged, or thoughts given and I woke up calling on the Lord Jesus to ask him about my dream. As I was praying and adoring Jesus,

I didn’t get an answer from the Lord as to what this meant.

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  1. S.S

    I have seen black horse vision. It is related to antichrist.
    See link below.

  2. SJT

    To me, the horses could be coming judgements or events against America (or the world)…possibly starting around Christmas,..Powerful events that will wake *some* up. (The small lights that the horses wore in the darkness.)

    The garlands and bells might not be Christmas time associated, but could instead be interpreted as fast (fast horses given a wreath as the prize for winning a speed race) events that will make some noise (the bells.)

  3. madelyn

    I had horses in a dream. It was an end time warning God calling dream. Floods. I saw group of muticolored horses far away on a small island surrounded by water. I called to the horses and they jumped in the water and swam over to me. Interpretation. Horses=God’s strength/power. Needed for catastrophic event remnant survival. Colors of horses significant/symbolic in God dreams. Imho the 4 horses of the Apocalypse? Red=Communism. White=Catholicism/Pope. Black=Economic collapse. Pale is light green=Islam. ALL of these riding NOW!!!

  4. My brief impression is this: …….The beauty, strength, majesty of the dark horses represents the American economy which looks very impressive……..but it’s actually about to crash full bore because it’s run it’s course and the debt bubble is at the brink/verge of popping……….and the reason why there was no fear when they fronted you, is because the crash has not happened yet,………but could any week or perhaps before January 1.

  5. Moriah

    These horses definitely belong to God. Thank you for your input, I had forgotten the end of the dream when I posted this… I woke up praying, and when Jesus arrived in my spirit, the horse was still there, it yielded to my right and bowed low, lying down before the Lord. Then I experienced in my spirit, a shiny rod or something being tossed into my spirit. I could feel it and although it felt like a cutting, I was happy.

  6. Lori

    Ezekiel 36 shows that the Jews will once more be exiled from the land of Israel during the time of Jacob’s trouble. Isaiah 66:20 talks about the final regathering of the Jews in belief, being taken back to the land of Israel on horses, in wagons, etc. These are the horses spoken of in Zechariah 14:20 that have bells on and are holy to the Lord at the end of that time. The horses you saw had a light from them; they were not evil but good, they have bells on and are holy to the Lord. The horse that approached you expects you to know this, as it is written in the bible, and he is asking you to help with this mission. It is an honor.

  7. Moriah

    Lori, I was aware of this scripture, but, I’m not Jew, that I’m aware! I was raised in the RCC, but left the practice as a young adult. Perhaps more to the genetic side of God’s plan than some of us realize! Thank you, Christ’s peace be with you.

  8. Lori

    Moriah, I did not mean to suggest that you are Jewish, but that Christians are required when the time comes to help the Jews during the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble.’ See Proverbs 24:10-12 and Matthew 24-25: all, but especially Matthew 25: 31-46. Jesus discusses what end times will be like for believers in Matthew 24, then He goes on to give parables to enhance our understanding. In Matthew 25:31-46 He tells what awaits believers at the judgment depending upon how they treat “His brethren” (the Jews) during that time. God through your dream is telling you that you are called to this honor.

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