Black Horses Dream – Moriah

Black Horses Dream

Nov 10, 2019, 7:14 PM

This is a prophetic dream given to me one week ago, just as I was waking in the morning. I’ve been trying to interpret ever since, so, if anyone can help…

In my dream I was suddenly in the pitch darkness, all alone. I saw running past in front of my eyes a small pack of powerful black horses with black silky manes and tails. They all had what looked like a garland of small silver bells or ornaments across their chest, and each one had small bright white light glowing out of its chest. The scene was very dark, but instantly I could see they were circling back around and stopped, in formation before me. Then, one came near and halted in front of me, it’s eyes were fierce and it was very strong and tall. It just watched me, and I looked at them all. I was not in fear but the sight of them was startling.

There were no flames, no chariot, no riders or a horseman with scales. No white horses following. Just pure black spirit-horses in the dark… There were no words exchanged, or thoughts given and I woke up calling on the Lord Jesus to ask him about my dream. As I was praying and adoring Jesus,

I didn’t get an answer from the Lord as to what this meant.

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