Black Beatle Drone Dream – Dan


Black Beatle Drone Dream

January 24, 2021 4:51 PM

A tiny drone that looked like a black beetle made its way into my house through the cracks in the doors and made it into my bedroom while I slept. I had the understanding that if I didn’t take the vaccination, it came to cause harm to me, because I wasn’t under their subjection or under their rule. It bit my arm in the dream as I was sleeping…just then in the dream, a spider (showing me that it is the enemy’s plan) fell down and was dangling in my face then I swatted it away! Then I woke up. This dream was so real, that I immediately tried to find the beetle that bit me, and could not. However, looking at the spot on my arm where the beetle bit me, my arm was physically really itchy and even a bit red! I may have scratched it while I slept, but I have actually had physical manifestations from a dream from The Lord before. I will also post this other one soon here.

Side Note:

After waking from the second dream, one of the thoughts I immediately had was Obama’s speech from about 10 years ago where he states, “I have two words for you…predator drones….you will never see it coming…you think I’m joking?” And today, while going over this with some members of our team, The Lord just revealed to us several things….in this video of Obama’s speech he talks about the “Jonas brothers” – something in the news at the time – However – the “Jonas brothers” reference was a cryptic way of referring to “Jonah” from the Bible, in reference to God’s true prophets and His true remnant children. And then of course he goes right into the predator drones coming after those, during the tribulation hours, who do not take the abomination of desolation (we already know is the 1st shot of – CV Vax) & mark of the beast (we already know is the 2nd shot – CV Vax). This is a perfect confirmation of this beetle drone dream!

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