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“Bishkek, floods in Bishkek” – Marcos


“Bishkek, floods in Bishkek”

September 2, 2021 4:48 PM

On August 20, 2021, I had a dream in which I saw the word: “BISHKEK”, and I heard the voice of an angel say: “FLOODS IN BISHKEK”. I immediately recognized that Bishkek was the capital of a central Asian country but I didn’t know which.

In the dream, I was shown footage from a cell phone of small hospital rooms with one patient on the top bed of a bunk bed. The doctor came into the room and began to talk to the patient and make casual conversation. Suddenly, they heard a very deep rumble and looked to the doorways because they didn’t understand what it was. Then, out of the blue, water came gushing into the small room from the windows and doors and began to wash away doctors and patients. I saw a lot of footage from many different rooms in this dream. In some of them, the patient and the doctor were of Indian ethnicity, but in others, they were of Kazakh or from other Turkic ethnic groups. In one of them, I saw the water gushing in, and then the video I was being shown was cut suddenly, and it skipped all the way to the aftermath of how the room ended after the water was gone. When the water had gone away, the doctor was lying lifeless on the floor, and the patient was still sitting on the bed, but she was still waking up from all the commotion and her face looked like she was suffering pain from injuries. But I knew the doctor was dead because he had drowned.

In the last footage, I only saw the moment when the water was washing away the people in that room. The doctor had just been washed away, but the patient, who was an Asian woman, was holding unto the foot of the bed. When she had fallen from the bed, since it was tilted when the water gushed into the room, she had taken a long and sharp instrument and anchored it to the bed, so she could hold on. She was whispering: “No, no, no, no…” because she wanted to hold on, but it seemed that the water was getting stronger. Then, she let go, but when she did so, her hand passed through the sharp blade of the instrument she was holding on to, and her entire hand from the wrist was completely cut off from her arm. Then she was swept away and I didn’t hear her anymore. Even though the water was not so deep, it went with such speed that there was no way she could hold on to anything. Her hand stood there alone, in the water. Then I woke up.

Throughout the day, I checked which country did Bishkek belong to, and it is the country of Kyrgyzstan. Many months before this dream, I had read a post in a blog from a sister in Christ named Celestial, in which the LORD warned her of coming floods to the nations whose names ended in “-stan”. Kyrgyzstan was one of them. So, this is further confirmation of what God has told other people. The LORD has also confirmed to me many things He had told her, so I recommend that you visit her YouTube channel and blog, which are both named: The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog. May God bless you guys, and thank you for reading.


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