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Birth of a New Church & New Republic – Estheradonai

Birth of a New Church & New Republic

July 10, 2021 1:27 AM

I have had 12 significant dreams of President Trump starting in August 2019 and the last dream was on January 2nd, 2021. The last dream has to do with the self destruction of the media.

The meaning of 12, which is considered a perfect number, is that it symbolizes God’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation.

The dreams are very detailed and many of them have already come true, and some are in play right now. The dream below is dream 10 of 12 which is very significant for now.

This dream was given on Nov 10th,2020.
Note: I am representative of a believer in the dream

I am on a path lined by green trees, grass and foliage. It appears that I am waiting on President Trump to finish dinner with some high-level people. It is nighttime.

President Trump steps out from an opening which is full of light and is wearing a tuxedo. We start to walk along a path and suddenly President Trump runs back to the beginning of the path with a football tucked under his right arm and he charges thunderously with the football very fast towards me. He stops right next to me says to me confidently (not arrogantly) something to the to the effect that I can still do this – I am still strong.

We continue to walk and come to a small clearing along the path and there is a small round table and bench, and we sit down and talk. The conversation is intimate and seems very important.

We get up and walk again- there is another path that leads to the high school that I used to teach at over 24 years ago.
We walk through the buildings and there is a dead end and we end up in a square room that is empty except for bales of hay on the side. There is a plastic covering that is not fully transparent at the window of the room. President Trump suddenly disappears and I wonder where he is gone. I realize he is behind the plastic curtain and I do a forward’s gymnastics flip and go through the curtain and I see him on the other side waiting for me. We chuckle and start to walk together again.

We then end up at the front door of his suite of the Whitehouse
The door is already open, and Melania comes out dressed in a beautiful silk floral purple and silver long nightdress looking beautiful as usual. She is very warm and friendly and invites me into their dwelling place.
I see a hallway first, when the door is opened. President Trump has already entered the room and I am outside alone. I think she is just trying to be nice and polite and I say no it is ok. I start to walk away, and she calls out to me again. No wait. She goes into her closet which is on the left side of the hallway and I can see from the entrance that it is full of clothes.
She comes back with a small gift which is a small glass heart with a red ribbon. It is small and beautiful . She insists I enter their dwelling place.

I enter and President Trump is now resting on a king bed with a white bed cover. He is still in his tuxedo just observing what is going on in the room. At this point Melania is next to the bed and I am next to her.
I get the revelation in the dream that she is wanting another child
I immediately get down on my knees and begin to pray in tongues to the Lord for a child to be conceived and touch her tummy. Her age in the dream is 46.
I see after I have prayed that the Lord will fulfill his promise and give her a child the following year and that the child will be conceived that night. She gives me a heartfelt hug.

I then see this tall lady with a light orange wig that looks like a mop and her face is fully covered by the wig. I wonder who she is? She uncovers here face and her face is of a man not a woman
Suddenly 3 children (I think it was 2 boys and 1 girl) with shiny golden hair come from behind her and start to joyfully run in front of her.
They are sweet, smiling, and happy and wonder if they are Melania’s grand children.

The dream then progresses to me only going back to the school I taught at many years ago and it now late afternoon.

I am in courtyard and there are a few kids in uniform, and they have a few broken musical instruments, and they are asking me to fix them
In the dream I reflect and recall of a business that can fix the instruments

Then the captain of the Rugby team comes over and reminds me that I need to organize a parade
I then go back to my room and change my clothes and wear bright red leggings and a green dress. The dress is beautiful and the stockings are gaudy.
I am confused about what to wear as there will also be another important event that I need to attend that evening.

I am then next to the Rugby coach and be starts to commend me telling me how all these events at the school could not have happened without me
As he is telling me this, I see a white polar bear swinging on a swing

I tell the Coach to look and think it is strange and humorous and tell him I want to take a picture.

The dream ends

Dream Interpretation

The Lord showed that President Trump has been cleansed from sin (tuxedo) and the path is what lies ahead. The football is the eyes on the election.

President Trump running shows spiritual strength and courage and the race of faith through the woods.
It also shows the beginning of freedom which has not been fully secured yet (the election). When we sit down to talk it is about authority to finish the work and what still needs to be done.

Then when we see what lies ahead, it is the old school which represents the traditional church/ Pharisees and Sadducees
Going through the plastic curtain and the hay bales is showing President Trump and true believers leaving the carnal and superficial church behind and moving towards a new path.

The next path leads to Melania. Melania was dressed in silver/purple silk.
Silk is honor and glory. Silver is redemption/ purple righteousness. The glass heart is the spirit, and the ribbon is the finish line for the elections and the where the church needs to get to.

When I pray for her (wife) it means praying for the church and the bride of Christ to come forth. Pregnancy means waiting for the birth of this church which will be full of Gods glory, honor righteousness and redemption.

The so-called woman with orange hair in the dream was wearing a wig means false anointing and pretense. The children who come out from behind her means that a new young vibrant church will be in front leaving false pastors/ prophets behind.

President Trump is part of this process and the birth of this new church was conceived on Nov 10th.

It appears that President Trump will begin a new path related to a new church through the Whitehouse.

I went back to the old school where the Lord showed me that some believers will be left behind in counterfeit worship and the religious spirit (Polar bear) The musical instruments indicate broken- false worship and they will not move forward into the glorious new church. They will be double minded and doubtful (swing) of the new glorious spirit filled church that was conceived on Nov 10th.  Nine months later will bring us to August 10th.

When the dream was initially interpreted, the revelation appeared to be a new church and there was a connection to the elections.

Further revelation was given that through President Trump and Melania a new nation will also be birthed which will be the Republic of the United States of America which is when we get to the finish line.

The dreams the Lord gives me are all connected to other words and prophecies which have manifested in the natural over and over again. These words also include the restoration of the true King.

All Glory to our mighty Lord

As with all things take this to the Lord in Prayer

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