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Bill of Divorcement Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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December 28, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

Dream 12-27-22@11-31pm (Uploaded 12-28-22)

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I had went to bed early but I dreamed again last night. I prayed heavily over my mind and body again. I was living during the time of the Bible days. I was dressed as a woman of this time and era. I kept seeing at various places people standing outside in small groups and they were studying and reading a parchment. Some would be passing it from one to another. It was a parchment I knew of the same and there were many that I saw there.
Each group I came to only said a few words that I heard spoken and they were all the same. “It’s not a law but a bill.” I went from group to group and passed through several scenes and it was all the same.

The last scene of this dream, and there were several, I had walked up to another small group of people, and someone finally handed the parchment to me. I take it into my hands as a man says, “It’s not a law but a bill.” I looked at the parchment as I heard a lady say to me. “It’s not a law but called a bill… A bill of divorcement.”

I read the parchment and see it is a legal binding bill of divorcement with America’s name as the person being divorced and it is God doing the divorcing. I heard from the heavens: “Your bill of divorcement O’ America is complete. I’m divorcing you for your unfaithfulness to me, your holy husband.”

Now I’m hearing all the people from this dream speaking in unison. “It’s not a law but a bill. A bill of divorcement. You have been divorced by God your creator O’ America the faithless whore. Babylon you have become. A bill of divorcement you have received this very moment in time.

Then I jolted out of my sleep hearing, “It’s a bill of divorcement from God!”

Then I heard Jeremiah 3: 6- 8.
I prayed and received these other verses.

Jeremiah 7: 25- 34
Jeremiah 8: 14- 16

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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