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Big Tsunami Coming to the U.S. Eastern Coastlines – Sister Carmen Montijo

Big Tsunami Coming to the U.S. Eastern Coastlines

April 3, 2020 11:41 PM
Sister Carmen Montijo

I have had four dreams of a similar “Big Tsunami Event that is coming” to the U.S. Eastern Coastlines. Here are the fourteen states that have a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean are, from north to south, the U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

This is my first dream: 2009

This dream took place in the childhood home where I was raised. I lived in New York City, Manhattans Lower Eastside. We lived in a high-rise apartment on the 16th floor overlooking the FDR drive.

I was in the living room with my mom conversing, when all of a sudden I heard a sound of a rushing train like it was coming towards us. It then became very windy, almost like hurricane weather and smells of ocean water

Permeated the living room. I then asked my mom, “What is that sound”? I then said: “Mom something bad is happening”. I then went to the window and looked out and saw an enormous Ocean wave (tsunami) that towered over all the New York Skyscrapers. I told mom what was happening and she said, “Hurry we must start praying for protection”.  All of a sudden, the wave tried to hit our apartment but it looked like there was a shield (God’s shield) protecting us.

After A few minutes, I decided to go to the window again and check and I saw what was like millions of swarms of ants on the streets and floor. Instead of ants, those were dead bodies everywhere. There were so many dead bodies that it looked this way to me. At this moment, I awoke from the dream.

This is my second dream: 2009

This dream happened in our house, here in Florida. I was with my husband in our bedroom and we were both on our recliners watching our T.V. All of a sudden again, I heard the same sound like I had heard in my first dream. It sounded like a rushing train coming towards us. It then became very windy, almost like hurricane weather and a strong smell of ocean water permeated the room. We both looked at each other with a perplexed look like saying, “What is going on”? At that moment, all of the windows exploded and ocean water came rushing in so fast that everything in my room started twirling around like a whirlpool.

I climbed onto my dresser that was almost at the top of the ceiling from all the water pushing it up. I then I extended my arm to help my husband who was stuck in this whirlpool of swirling rushing water. He could not hold on and said: “Honey, try to save yourself “and then he let go. At that point, I just remember screaming and the water was rushing up so fast that it was up already up to the tip of my nose. At this moment, I awoke from the dream.

In my third dream: 2010

I was in another house here in Florida. It was not the home that I now reside in. I was in the kitchen area of this home. When all of a sudden in the hallway of this home, near the kitchen area, I saw my mom (who since now Has passed away) dressed in white with a very bright light around her. I screamed “Mom” and I was about to run to her to hug her. She then told me: “No sweet daughter”, you cannot touch me yet. I just came to bring you a warning that there is a big storm coming. At that moment, she disappeared.

All at once, the same thing was happening as from my two previous dreams. The rushing train sound, the ocean water smells, the weather changing like a big hurricane was coming. This same scenario repeating itself yet again. Windows started exploding and ocean water rushing in so fast. I then held onto a big long rectangular wood table, as if my life depended on it, which it did. The water started swirling around in a whirlpool motion. Yet again, the water pushing me up towards the ceiling when I awoke from this dream.

In my fourth and final dream: 2010

I was in my daughter’s apartment in Florida. All of the same things happened exactly as all three previous dreams. My daughter and I started praying for protection, the wave tried to come in but God’s shield Protected us. Then I awoke from this dream.

I have been warned four times that something big is coming to the Eastern Shorelines of the U.S. God’s people must pray for confirmation on this. I am not one to be have a lot of dreams. Yet, I had these dreams back to back and I remembered them all so clearly. I knew they were warnings coming directly from God. Anyway, I love your ministry and all of your end time visions and dreams that you share with us daily. May God continue blessing your ministry and all of the great things you do for God’s service in reaching the lost souls to God through these wonderful visions, dreams and preaching.

Sincerely with Sisterly Love,

Carmen Montijo

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  1. McKana

    Thank you dear.
    I had many dreams like you of the east cost, the same, many times.

    I also saw my mother in heaven, clean and beautiful. Like what you experienced, I wanted to hug and kiss her chicks, she won’t let me. I though I was alone in this.
    They are in heaven, clean, we are in a sinful world. It is OK, we will be there soon.

    Thank you for sharing this mystery. Now, I am OK with it..

  2. Yes sister Mckana. There are so many sisters and brothers in Christ who are having these same Tsunami dreams and having their loved ones warn them. Yes, one day soon we will see our beloved loved ones. Oh what a glorious day that will be indeed. You are so welcome sister. Much Love. Carmen.

  3. Catherine

    I saw also the destruction of New York and other places. I wonder, if the east coast will be destroyed before the west coast! both will be destroyed.

  4. Maria Pilar

    thank u for sharing, I am in Jupiter, Florida…and I am seeking Him to see if I need to move or stay in Fl!!!

  5. Ireland Marie Johansson

    This is what is coming:

    1. Tsunamis on the East and West Coasts 

    Why is this coming:

    1. Abortion at nine months
    2. The plastic face surgeries and body parts
    3. Crimes against children
    4. Satanism and the Satanic-embedded elite going back to Ancient Babylon
    5. Drugs, wars, weapon sales, transhumanism 

    The Empire State Building has been lit up with:

    1. Kali
    2. Cuomo’s pink lights celebrating abortion at birth

    Cracks showing:

    1. Saudi Aramco IPO, oil price, 9-11 lawsuits, 28 Pages, Kashoggi
    2. Erosion of the petrodollar
    3. Loss of the war in Yemen
    4. China and Russia armed with hypersonic weapons.
    5. Status 6 Cobalt tsunami torpedeos
    6. Homeless everywhere
    7. Leaders unable to lead a broken, distracted public
    8. Red lights on the Empire State Building
    9. Default on America’s debt in 2009 with $8 Trillion printing

    What’s next:

    1. Tsunami over the top of the Empire State Building
    2. New Madrid Fault
    3. California hit
    4. Global earthquake (Amara Onubia dream)
    5. Global tsunamis with cities like Rio hit. New Zealand and Seattle are important to Satanists for some reason.
    6. No more Internet.
    7. Military satellite communications taken out by EMP, CMR, China

    After that:

    1. Global digital currency
    2. China takes Yemen and all of Arabian Peninsula
    3. Antichrist

    Corona and post Corona World:

    Tribulation increases: Katrina, Rita, Harvey, Sandy, Asian Tsunami of 2004, Fukushima, famine in Yemen, ISIS kiling Christians and other events opened the gates. At Stanford University, experiments were done on live beating hearts taken from partial birth abortion babies. The journalists who exposed this at the recent Planned Parenthood Trial were found guilty. The media tried to hide it. Politicians did nothing. Christians did nothing. The Satanists won. The two journalists on trial were a shadowing of The Two Witnesses. That was one of the final abominations. Things have gotten worse since the eclipse of 2017. Time is going faster and faster. 

    The post Flood world started in Yemen, with Noah’s son Shem. As was done to Yemen since 2015, so shall it be done elsewhere. The tsunamis will go to Appalachia. California agriculture gone.
    St. Louis hit again just as in 1812. Farmland ruined in the Midwest. Famine. The abortion laws will be a big part of the reason. Except for Mississippi. 

    Think about things in this moment:

    Sports gone. Universities shut down. Stores without goods. Stock Market computer trading irrelevant. Cheyenne Mountain activated. Navy at port. China and America at odds. 333 million Americans sheltering in place. Supply chains stretched. Shortages. Police and doctors getting sick. Most occupations and university degrees now shown to be worthless. Cash seen as a vector for disease. Bill Gates readying a vaccine and microchip. Russian submarines off both coats and in the Gulf of Mexico armed with the Status 6 tsunami torpedo.

    No way out for global Satanic elites and their fake printed money scheme. The elites of the British Empire needed World War II to cover their tracks for looting the UK and the world. Today, America’s elites need cover to carry off the loot from the U.S., changing dollars for real assets, land, gold, food and underground bunkers. The underground bunkers will be their tombs.

  6. Regenia Sue Fancher

    Why do you continue to live on the coastline?

  7. Susan Elizabeth


    Florida will be completely gone

    Move to either the Ozarks in Missouri or surrounding area. Or move to the TN mountains. There are protected places here in AK too despite what many believe with simply reading prophecy and not taking all things to The Holy Spirit (due to prophecies of Russian invasion) There are true, annointed, fully obedient apostolic remenants of the area here in AK that are gathering now…(as the Exodus and the wings being clipped from USA and given to The Woman is happening now)…. in divinely protected Goshens and the tabernacle of David is being raised up in these places.


    only those walking fully by the Holy Spirit will know where to go so seek Him first and all these things will be given to you as well.

    Shalom Precious Sister

    Pslam 91
    Eph 6:10-20
    Zech 2:5
    Jerm 15:19-20
    Job 38-42

  8. Jennifer

    Seek The Lord if you should move. He is in control and has every person’s life in His Hand. If He decides to take you early it could be that it is His Mercy.

    Some that are Holy and pure will be removed as they need no purification whereas some like Julie Whedbee will be used in an extraordinary manner.

    Line up with His Will For You. Living in these end times will be terrifying and painful, but purifying for the complacent Christian that has not daily ‘Walked the Walk.’

    Take three days and think of every sin you have committed in thought, (yes, you can sin in you thoughts) and word and deed. Every one. Then, ask yourself, did you serve Him and sacrifice your pleasure in doing so? If you did not take up your cross daily to serve Him, then pray heartily for forgiveness for sins of omission. Ask Him to completely cleanse you and purify. Hebrews 12:14…..’without Holiness no one will see The Lord.’

  9. Barbara

    I live in the Southeast part of USA and have had 3 dreams about tsunamis. One in my hometown, one at a beach we often go to and the third one is at an unidentifed area. ( we live hundreds of miles from the coast)

    In all 3, I never even gotten wet. The members of my family are always OK. I’ve never seen the resulting damage, just that we are OK.

    I have never been warned to leave the area or to prep with food and supplies. I believe He will instruct those who need to act. I prayed for discernment and instructions.

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