Aug 5, 2019, 10:28 AM
Jorge B

Hi its been a while, the English its not my first language, please share with the world regards

Please I have to say im from Mexico so I don’t have any relation with NY I don’t even know NY, so after say this I want to share a couple of thing with this site (444 prophecy) in the back weeks I have information of coming events that are going to happened in the future but the Lord don’t allow me, he say don’t tell anything to that people they serve with the lips but his heart its far away from me .

Until today 02/08/2019 the Lord allow me to share something to this site I dream about NY and I saw that is in flames I know this because in my city there isn’t a lot of big buildings, so I have to say I read that is the kick off event but this event will reach all the world.

So about two days ago the Lord told me something: something very big, something happened in the Spirit, something that its darker and its growing and then finally its come to pass in the world so the Lord open my spirit eyes and he in vision allowed me to see whats going on in the spirit so I saw all the world and I saw in darkness thick darkness but not full so I saw a very powerfull lights that its in the world but just a few lights so anyway I saw a big battle in spirit that’s its happening I saw people fighting with its look like demons but in my perspective I saw a big black dragon he is so big the people are very tiny, so this dragon I think its the chief he stars to chaze and eat people he focus in this lights, then suddenly I saw a big angel its form the same high like the dragon, so the battle its fierce and what I understand every person in this planet are fighting, fighting for salvation.

So I saw the people that its in darkness what I saw amaze me I saw the demons have the people with chains the people have this collars like dogs and they have the rides in his hand, so when something of us pray about the people its like a big explosion of light pass and the chains break so that people star to fight again, but if they don’t know the Lord they are in chains again. So even Christians can have the chains again

This is I want to share with you I hope you find this information useful and get close to the Lord its the only way to survive of whats its going to happen to the world

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