BIG Alligator – Victoria Ang

BIG Alligator

Victoria Ang

Prophetic dream from last night given to Victoria Ang ,but for others as well ,to encourage

My prophetic dream last night:

I dreamt I was in my old house that I grew up in as a child( the Lord always uses that to represent “ Home”! ) I was made known I was waiting on something . As I went into the house it had new furnishings and everything looked so beautiful. I went around examining all the new things in the house.( my sister was in the house too that I have been praying for and witnessing to. ) I went to the back of the house while still inside and looked out of the glass sliding doors. I saw some animals there , one of my dogs and a few other animals. But upon looking I saw a BIG alligator chasing after them trying to bite them and bring them down. Then to the left of the backyard I saw a gate and an unknown man was standing at the gate( God) he summoned the alligator and immediately the alligator stopped chasing the animals and ran to the opened gate after being summoned. And the man shut the gate and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

New changes from the Lord are coming to my home. Prayers will be answered for those I have diligently prayed for. Those prayers that I have waited so many many years to be answered.

The Lord is removing the demonic that have been attacking my animals and those that I love. And bringing forth RESTORATION !!!! ❤️❤️
This is also meant for others to be encouraged! We serve such a loving Father!

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