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Biden’s Reign Is done – Sharlene Reimer

Biden’s Reign Is done

Ministering to 3 Believers In Afghanistan

Vision #320

September 8, 2021 1:19 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Sept 7/21 Tues evg “

Happy New Year! It is Rosh Hashanah. If you have a ram’s horn, blow it! The Feast of Trumpets is the heightened awareness that God is calling the people to repent. May the Lord bless Israel and all the descendants of Abraham. May all come to understand that Yahushua/Yeshua is the Messiah who died and rose again and is returning very soon.

Hi readers, I’m back. I enjoyed my time away as it was needed. Thanks for your patience.

I was praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room. I sang old hymns, new P&W songs and even a few childhood songs where then I saw about 3 little ones doing the actions with me. That made me smile. When I came to my mountain to climb up, I noticed others at the bottom in their armour fearful at what they were seeing. I saw a huge entity breathing fiery darts towards those at the bottom of the mountain. It looked like a dragon. I went over to them and encouraged them all to praise as they journeyed up as praise is a weapon! I told them to ake courage in the Lord and raise their swords and shields! I then saw Jesus standing on the side of the mountain. The dragon was gone. We focused on Him and were able to get to the top. I met my eagle who arrived on my left and off we went with others who left in other directions. I began to proclaim Ps 91 and found myself overlooking a small home of white brick. I understood this was in Afghanistan. I went in and saw that there were three Believers; a man and two women dressed in Afghani culture clothing. (tunics and coverings) They were sitting on the floor together and praying. I sensed fear and began to encourage and strengthen them in their faith. Jesus told me to sing “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.” I understood these were Believers from Afghanistan. I prayed over them before I left. I saw angels come to minister to them.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about the people in Afghanistan. He said that we need to “Pray for the people of Afghanistan; the Believers to be strong in Me, for peace in Me and not to shrink back. Pray also for those that come against the Believers- the Taliban.” I understood that I am to remind the church that we should pray for the Taliban as well; that they would have an encounter with the Lord Jesus and seek Him. (Jer. 29:13-14) Remember, He died for all, and desires relationship with all mankind.

I went to see a vision. I walked down the stairs and greeted my greeter group who walked over with me to the area where the others had already gathered. It is to the right of the stairs near a temple column.

It opened up to see a close-up of Biden speaking from behind a podium. I’m unsure if the scene is from inside or outside a building. Suddenly he slumped over to his left against the podium. People rushed from either side to reach him. I didn’t see what happened after that.

What is the message, Jesus? “Biden’s reign is done. Go back to your previous vision.”

I asked Jesus if this is a physical death or a political death? Jesus replied: “Both.”

In the previous vision- #275- where I had seen a casket being moved out of the Whitehouse, I had asked Jesus if Biden was in it and He replied, “Yes, daughter. He is going to die soon. See, I Am going to change things.” Then I remembered His promise: “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” And Jesus also said in that same vision, “As you see the casket with Biden in it, so you will see President Trump ascend the steps into the Whitehouse. And remember, he is not your Saviour, I Am.”

Thank you Jesus!

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