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July 24, 2022 11:12 AM

On 7.23.22 I received the word ‘Biden’. Recent news has revealed President Biden likely has a variant of the Omicron virus. The media is telling us in advance via predictive programming to expect the soon removal of Joe Biden from office. This event would then pave the way for Donald Trump to reclaim his rightful place as President and Commander in Chief of the United States which has been long prophesied.

On 1.22.21 I posted an article on this site ‘’ ‘A WARNING for Joe Biden’ in which I received a word that President Biden would be assassinated. I believe Joe Biden will be removed from the office of President but I believe the word given was more symbolic than the actual act of.

On 7.23.22 Steven Ben Nun of Israeli News Live posted a timely video titled ‘Vice President Kamala Harris Being Briefed to Take Power as President’. Excerpt follows.

“The President is sick and there is a tremendous amount of concern in Washington as to whether he’s going to recover from this. There is a team already now briefing Kamala Harris on taking President Biden’s place. She is being brought up to speed in the event that the President does not make it for some reason, becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to run the nation. The difficult situation too is that no matter how bad Biden could be as President it will be worse with Kamala. She’s really not Presidential candidate type material and I have heard this from people way up in power there that it’ll be worse. If something goes south now do keep in mind we don’t know 100 percent that this will happen so I do need to make sure that we’re aware of this although the President is very sick right now. We’ll have to wait to see how this ends up going but as of right now they’re preparing for that worst case scenario that he may not pull through.”

Events are coming fast and hard. The changing of the guard will happen soon. God has sent out warnings and the media are letting you know what’s coming. Get ready for BIG changes to come. Prepare yourselves physically and spiritually but in the end put your faith and trust in Jesus alone. That is the only sure way.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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