Biblical Number Meaning

Biblical Number Meaning

No. Meaning
1 Unity; New beginnings
2 Union; Division; Witnessing
3 Divine completeness and perfection
4 Creation; The world; Creative works
5 Grace; God’s goodness; Pentateuch (first five books)
6 Weakness of man; Manifestation of sin ; Evils of Satan
7 Resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Fathers perfection
8 New birth; New beginnings
9 Fruit of the spirit; Divine completeness from the Father
10 Testimony; Law and responsibility
11 Disorder and judgement
12 Governmental perfection
13 Apostasy; depravity and rebellion
14 Deliverance; Salvation
15 Rest
16 Love
17 Victory
18 Bondage
19 Faith
20 Redemption
21 Exceeding sinfulness of sin
22 Light
23 Death
24 The Priesthood
25 Repentance; The forgiveness of sins
26 The Gospel of Christ
27 Preaching of the Gospel
28 Eternal life
29 Departure
30 Blood of Christ; Dedication
31 Offspring
32 Covenant
33 Promise
34 Naming of a son
35 Hope
36 Enemy
37 The word of our Father
38 Slavery
39 Disease
40 Trials; Probation; Testings
42 Israel’s oppression; First advent
44 Judgement of the World
45 Preservation
50 Holy Spirit; Pentecost
60 Pride
66 Idol worship
70 Punishment and restoration of Israel; Universality
100 Election; Children of the promise
119 Spiritual perfection and victory 7*17=119
120 Divine period of probation
144 The Spirit guided life
200 Insufficiency
600 Warfare
666 Antichrist
777 Christ
888 Holy Spirit; The sum of Tree of Life
1000 Divine completeness and Fathers glory
4000 Salvation of the world through the blood of the Lamb ( Those who chose between Christ and Antichrist)
6000 Deception of Antichrist; Second advent
7000 Final judgement; Zadok
144,000 Those numbered of Israel

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  1. Evan

    Where are these found in the Bible? I would like to dig into them deeper.

  2. Lovella

    I was born on a 13th. Does that mean I am what it says it means?

  3. angelmariajoy

    Does it make spiritual since that I done my children’s birthdays by those numbers and it describes there personalities are giftings ? As well as my marriage anniversary describes how Gods hand was on it. I also think my birthday describes who I am an called for. Does that make since are an I wrong? I see numbers colors animals demons angels IV seen Jesus I smell hear see spiritually. But I’m alone it’s just me an Holy Spirit. I feel a little quirky my kids are quirky except my 15 year old daughter who trying to be cool. I’m excited about finding this news source an reading from it!!! God bless an keep you.

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