Bible’s Rewrite – Joyce Schechter

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Bible’s Rewrite

January 16, 2023 4:33 AM
Joyce Schechter


Last night I dreamt:

There was a large white van driving down the street with the word “Bibles” written in big red letters on all its sides. I was following the van into church parking lots. As the van pulled in I saw lines of people standing outside and waiting for the van. These people created a chain and helped the driver unload the van. Box after box was taken into the church. Then the van left and went to another church and the same thing happened. At the last church I went to a lady that called me over to her. She opens the box and I look inside. In the box are these books that look like the Bible. It was beautiful and smelled new. As I opened the Bible a kind of vapor came out that smelled putrid. Like rotten eggs. And I began reading Genesis and the words were different. What was written “god made man for man and woman for woman and they offered their baby as an offering to the god of gods.” I looked at the woman that gave me the Bible and she was smiling very big, very demonic then said now you see! Now you have the truth!

And I woke up!

Joyce Schechter

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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