Warning, Persecution



Received April 26th 11:46 pm
Erik Espinoza
Mark 13:11
“ when they arrest you , and hand you over , do not worry beforehand about what you are to say , but say whatever is given to you in that hour ; for it is not you who speak , but it is the Holy Spirit.

Transcript :
Son of man , beware of the leaven of the Pharisees , also called the Zionist Jews. These Jews are the synagogue of Satan , blinded from the truth , and are working on his behalf , for they are children of the devil I tell you!! Beware! I say these Zionist , planning your destruction behind the scenes.

My people who are called by my name do not be deceived , and think everything is going well for soon , they’re plan for world dominance will come and will look for every gentile believer of me to be put to death for simply confessing to believe in me ! These Zionist Jews are the same ones who persecuted me and came against me on my time ! They were against me and those who choose to follow me right after. They been orchestrating and planning for many years to put and end to my NAME! For they hate me with a passion and hate all those who worship me in spirit & in truth. Soon you won’t be able to utter one word concerning me , without being arrested , and beheaded for simply not complying with their new set of rules!

The NOAHIDE LAWS are in place and ready to be activated in the convenient time. These fools think they can manipulate me and control me! For I laugh at my enemies ! It is my time and I say my time saith the lord of hosts , I choose and control them for my purposes to bring about the end times! My enemies will become my footstool!! Behold IAM coming quickly and will put and end to all these madness and the world shall know that IAM the lord of host who is , and who was , and who is to come !


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What are the Noahide Laws?

H.J.Res.104 – To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day, U.S.A.”.

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  1. SFC

    Singling out Jews is not what Jesus would do – this message is not from Him. The Synagogue of Satan consists of people from ALL backgrounds! This message should be deleted from your site immediately as anyone who truly follows the Lord knows Yeshua does NOT talk like this! “Zionist Jews” is a catchphrase long-used by Satan to target the Jewish people. Delete this false message at once or be accountable to the Father in Heaven!

  2. Rover Radar

    Along with the Noahide Laws, is the pending 031819 Equality Act HR5 Bill: https://www.lc.org/hr5

  3. Leah

    HJ Res 104
    Brought in Noahide laws in 1991.

    H Res 183

    Will outlaw freedom of speech and thought in America

    Making anything deemed Bigoted illegal. including the New Testament.

    The Department of State already defines a Cross (religious symbol) and any mention of blood libel ( jews killed Jesus) as antisemitism.

    The synogog of Satan is alive and well.

    9) encourages all public officials to confront the reality of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry,


  4. Karri Bailey

    The author is not singling out Jews. He states very clearly ‘Zionist Jews’. He is quoting Rev 2:8-11. God quotes His own scripture in prophetic words, and this word passes the test.

    Look up every encounter Jesus had with the Pharisees in His time and you will see a pattern. Jesus’ every conversation with the Pharisees was a power struggle because they did not know, love, or obey The Father.

    The Pharisees did not represent every Israelite then, and they don’t now. It’s the same with people who say they are Christians, but are not. Jesus said you will know them by their fruit. He called the religious leaders “brood of vipers and snakes, just like their father Satan”. They were posers. Fakers. Acting righteous and clean, but were nasty.

    They hated Jesus and after they killed him, they killed and persecuted his followers. History already has repeated itself and will get dramatically worse in America. The guillotines are already in storage, waiting and ready to be used.

  5. Karri Bailey

    The author is not targeting all Jews. He clearly stated “Zionist Jews”.
    God always quotes scripture in His words and this word passes the test. He is quoting Rev 2:8-11.

    Jesus loved all people. That’s why He came to the earth, to die for humanity’s sins. But look up every encounter loving Jesus had with the Pharisees. They hated Him. Jesus said they were just like their father, Satan, because they were acting like him. Liars. Looked righteous and good on the outside, but nasty on the inside. They were fakers, posers. It’s the same way with people who call themselves Christians but they don’t know, love, or obey the Lord.

    The Pharisees hated Jesus so much, they wanted Him out of the way, so they had Him killed, and then persecuted His followers after His resurrection because they were a witness that He was alive. History continues to repeat itself. We who love and follow God will be targeted and killed, Jews and Christians, with these Noahide Laws. The guillotines are in storage now and waiting for the law to be put into effect.

  6. Carol Mattingly

    Terrible antisemitic lies! You should be ashamed of yourselves to print something like this! Wasn’t the Holocaust enough for you that over 6 million of God’s people were sent to the gas chambers in Germany because of lies like this and terrible people like you who spread these lies? Can I tell you what Israel wants? They want to be left alone to live! They live among people who want to kill them every day and now you spreading more lies? The Noahide Laws are nothing! Read them for yourselves and see. Most Christians and Jews already follow them without knowing it. Such trash! Read Genesis 2-16 and tell me if you could be accused of blasphemy when the Hebrew says “Let us make in our own image, in our likeness.” The Hebrew is plural You are extremely ignorant! There are only 15 million Jews in this world and there are approx. 1.8 billion Muslims. Who goes around beheading people for their beliefs? There have been 34,911 terrible atrocities against others all listed on Jihad Watch.com. If you continue to blame the Jews for things they are not guilty for, get on your asbestos suit because you are going to need it where you are going!

  7. Carol Mattingly

    You are so right! This person is a false prophet and antisemitic! I am a Jewish believer in Yeshua and a Zionist. Am I going to behead people? It is so ridiculous! More terrible libel lies against the Jewish people! He should be ashamed!

  8. Charlie

    Read this—REVELATION 2:8-10
    And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write:
    “This is what the first and the last says, who was dead and came to life: 9 ‘I know your affliction and poverty (but you are rich), and the slander of those ⌊who call themselves Jews⌋ and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison so that you may be tested, and you will experience affliction ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.

    Do you not understand? There are those who claim to be Jews who are not. They are power hungry like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. They will support the AC as their Messiah, support the Noahide laws, and persecute the believers in Jesus

  9. Liz

    Let’s not jump to conclusion and label this as antisemitic. Please check out what these Messianic Jews found out about Noahide Laws:

  10. SFC

    I am in full agreement with you, Carol. Modern-day Christians have no respect for their elder brothers the Jews, who had it much harder being under the LAW, which is the DIFFICULT covenant. The crucifixion was God’s plan, and therefore salvation came through it and the Jewish people – all Christians should be blessing Zion, blessing Israel and blessing the Jewish people. Prophets (like Jesus was then) are never known in their own community as scripture states – in the end, all will bow before Jesus, for now though, many cannot see. The Jewish people could not possibly see Jesus for who He was, since Jesus to them was a man born in their own family – and they were taught by the Lord to only worship God who they only knew in spirit form at the time! Why is this so hard for modern-day Christians to understand?

    This is clearly an example of why the path to Heaven is NARROW. So many professing Christians targeting the Jewish people – most of whom have nothing to do with the Synagogue of Satan but are merely following tradition of their family’s cultures – would do better to do spiritual warfare against the true Satanic ones – the Fallen ones who we battle against every second of every day. Making the Jewish people as a whole the enemy is disgusting and not Christian at all. He who blesses Israel will be blessed – and likewise those who curse will be cursed. If God can cut off the branches – how much more can he cut off THOSE HE ENGRAFTED IN?

    And now we have another shooting of a Jewish synagogue TODAY – this time in California. And you think that messages like these don’t promote hatred that lead to such violence??? I am ashamed to know that there are those professing to be “prophetic” who have such a lack of discernment and inability to read scripture in CONTEXT.

    There is nothing wrong with a Jewish person being a Zionist – it is their homeland and their God-given right!!!

    The enemy consists of the satanic FALLEN ONES – WHO TAKE MANY FORMS – some of whom may be “Jewish” in background – but MANY who identify of all cultures and religious backgrounds. Most Jewish people have nothing to do with such evil. They are just human beings in need of salvation like everyone else. Wake up, Body of Christ! Get some discernment! And then REPENT.

  11. John Ashcraft

    SFC, the Noahide laws of 7 replaces the Ten Commandments. Under the Noahide laws, there will be no more Sabbath days so you can delete 30 percent of the Bible there. Since the Noahide laws do not believe in a Jewish Savior, then you can delete the Day of Trumpet New Moon rapture party for there will not be one. You can delete the Marriage of the Groom and Bride and Armageddon for there will not be one.
    You will be required to worship on Friday and Sundays only in honor of Lucifer/Satan who now is your Lord and Savior in which 97 percent of humanity follows and will burn in the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity.
    So the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists which I am one of, we get beheaded over these next 5.5 months between May 4th, 2019 NEW MOON Sabbath Rapture party and Armageddon on October 10th.
    Babylon the Great, USA will be taken out by nuclear war prior to the rapture. So that places Monday from a dream 2 weeks prior to chanukkah in 2017, as the Day of USA Nuclear War. 2 dreams said Monday. One said 11 AM Mountain Standard time and the other said 6 AM/PM. Also mentioned was 27. April 27th was on the Sabbath and was a reference to the 7th Day of Feast of Tabernacles in which Yeshua said I am the River of Life. Hoshana Rabbah is the final judgment day and until that day is passed, the Judgments of Revelation could not occur nor could the rapture occur.
    The Jewish Year begins in September/October on the New Moon (Oct 10th, 2018). Therefore, the 7th month is April of 2019.
    Welcome to the Day of the Lord over the next 5.5 months and you will get beheaded over these next 5.5 months if you follow the Jewish Jesus of the Bible. If not, then you burn in the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity.
    So work out your Savation with fear and trembling, REPENT, STOP SINNING and get on your knees during the 72 hours of darkness between May 4th New Moon Rapture party and the 3 days afterwords. Seal all windows and close and seal all doors. Stock up food and water for those 3 days and plan on no electricity, medication, etc. Make sure that your animals are looked after inside during those 3 days. Out side ones, the angels will take care of.
    4 billion to 6 billion people will die over the next 5.5 months.

  12. John Ashcraft

    John, while on Patmos could smuggle out a parchment here, a parchment there. He was taking a risk if anything was discovered.
    The Correct order of Chronology is:
    Chapter 1-6 Passover; Chapter 12 Satan’s Defeat; Chapter 7 First Fruits; Chapter 14 Shavuot/Fall Harvest; Chapter 10 Fall Harvest; Chapter 13 Fall Harvest; Chapter 8-9 Yom Teruah; Chapter 11 Yom Teruah; Chapter 15-20 Yom Kippur; Chapter 21-22 Tabernacles

  13. John Ashcraft

    The Noahide Laws and Exodus Plague Time line of 2019 (Part 1 of 2).

    In this article we will be looking at the Noahide laws in depth for they tie back to the Tower of Babel, the Golden Calf on Elul 1 New Moon, and HaSatan as the serpent in Genesis 2.

    Sources: https://444prophecynews.com/beware-the-noahide-laws-erik-espinoza/;

    Verses: Mk 13:11; Revelation Synagogue of Satan (Japeth’s lineage; Ashkenazi Jew’s; Rev 2:8-11; Rev 3); Pharisees in the Gospel; Yahveh’s Name (Yeshuah) Lord of the Old Testament and Lev 23 (first and second comings) who is the I AM of the Bible. Gospel of John topical was on the 7 I Am’s. Revelation covers Leviticus 23 Sabbaths.

    John, while on Patmos could smuggle out a parchment here, a parchment there. He was taking a risk if anything was discovered.
    The Correct order of Chronology is:
    Chapter 1-6 Passover; Chapter 12 Satan’s Defeat; Chapter 7 First Fruits; Chapter 14 Shavuot/Fall Harvest; Chapter 10 Fall Harvest; Chapter 13 Fall Harvest; Chapter 8-9 Yom Teruah; Chapter 11 Yom Teruah; Chapter 15-20 Yom Kippur; Chapter 21-22 Tabernacles

    Many of you will recognize this as the Mark of the Beast in Revelations and the Sunday Law. So fasten your belts for a crash course rollar coaster ride for we have to cover a lot of ground work. For most of you this will be a repeat of the Serpent’s time line including Obama/ Putin/ and the Pope and George Bush and March 26th (Purim month).

    The Noahide laws have nothing to do with Noah and the Flood but is based on False teachings from the Talmud. BUT in this story, they tie to Japeth’s lineage so they do tie to the Flood and 2019 over the next 5.5 months. Talk about the beheadings of Revelation and going after the Saints who keeps the Torah Laws till they get beheaded which includes the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists who solely follow YHVH to their death. This all ties to the Spring Feasts of the Messiah 2000 years ago and Fall Feasts of the Messiah in 2019 with Day of Trumpet NEW MOON Rapture party, Day of Trumpet NEW Moon (Sept 10th, 2019) and splitting the mount of Olives in half (EARTHQUAKE Number 2); Battle of Megiddo #4 (Oct 10th, 2019) known as Armageddon on Oct 1 0th, and then 5 days of grace and the Millennium (Feast of Tabernacles) on the Full Moon (Oct 15th).

  14. John Ashcraft

    SFC, Do you keep the Sabbaths of Leviticus 23 or do you keep Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, Halloween, May day, All Saints Day, USA New Years’ Day which are all known as the feasts of Satan.

  15. Charlie

    Do not be deceived—the anti Christ will use the noahide laws to persecute believers. Jesus is considered an idol under the first law and those who follow Him will be persecuted


  16. Rover Radar

    Here’s a thorough explanation of it:

    1. Chabad Noahide Laws Are Coming – Educate Yourselves!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZoXMpdqsMQ (2:56:10)

    2. Byron Searle – DECEPTION OF LAW (Tuesday, April 30, 2019)

  17. Scoopie

    John Ashcraft said that billions would die by August/ September 2019. Did not come to pass.
    Carol and SFT have the Spirit of Truth. The road is narrow, indeed.

  18. Frank

    You can tell when the TRUTH comes forward because the TRUTH aggravates the enemy within!!! Jesus Christ is the way the truth & the life, NO ONE comes to the Father but by HIM! EVERY knee shall bow & EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus Christ IS LORD!!

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