Warning, Persecution



Received April 26th 11:46 pm
Erik Espinoza
Mark 13:11
“ when they arrest you , and hand you over , do not worry beforehand about what you are to say , but say whatever is given to you in that hour ; for it is not you who speak , but it is the Holy Spirit.

Transcript :
Son of man , beware of the leaven of the Pharisees , also called the Zionist Jews. These Jews are the synagogue of Satan , blinded from the truth , and are working on his behalf , for they are children of the devil I tell you!! Beware! I say these Zionist , planning your destruction behind the scenes.

My people who are called by my name do not be deceived , and think everything is going well for soon , they’re plan for world dominance will come and will look for every gentile believer of me to be put to death for simply confessing to believe in me ! These Zionist Jews are the same ones who persecuted me and came against me on my time ! They were against me and those who choose to follow me right after. They been orchestrating and planning for many years to put and end to my NAME! For they hate me with a passion and hate all those who worship me in spirit & in truth. Soon you won’t be able to utter one word concerning me , without being arrested , and beheaded for simply not complying with their new set of rules!

The NOAHIDE LAWS are in place and ready to be activated in the convenient time. These fools think they can manipulate me and control me! For I laugh at my enemies ! It is my time and I say my time saith the lord of hosts , I choose and control them for my purposes to bring about the end times! My enemies will become my footstool!! Behold IAM coming quickly and will put and end to all these madness and the world shall know that IAM the lord of host who is , and who was , and who is to come !


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