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Beware of the EVIL man clothed in LIGHT – Barbara Francis

Beware of the EVIL man clothed in LIGHT

July 20, 2020
Barbara Francis

Satan the accuser waits in the darkness disguised as light. Do not be deceived ,this serpent knows his time is here. Since the beginning he has waited for his reign of power over all people on earth.

His angels have infiltrated every society and people. They walk among you now. They are your leaders, friends co-workers and even family. The serpent seed lives. The time is changing now. A Leader so brutal and violent sits undercover. Speaking pompous words . Many lies. As he orchestrates his plan as DICTATOR of the earth. Some of you have eyes to see and ears to hear. He has been revealed to many as Antichrist.

Blood will flow in the streets. The earth already cries out to me day and night. Soon the blood will cry as a deafening ROAR. Judgement has already been pronounced over the earth for the abominations committed .I gave you the promise of the Comforter. I see the blasphemy and outright scorn for me my words , my Prophets and my Messengers.

I AM prepared to let the unrepentant and evil live out their worst fears. Humans made in my image treated as cattle and marked and confined and slaughtered. Those who belong to me will see things never imagined and persecution . Do not be afraid , many will be put in prison 10 days. Do not worry. I will give you the words to speak, as it is written.

Beware of the EVIL man clothed in LIGHT

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