Sep 9, 2019, 8:05 PM
Collins Ouma

I have received just few moments after my intercessory prayers today 10th Sep around 3:40am:

Son the devil has lifted many false prophets at this hour to prophesy as My spokepersons just as My true prophets in order to confuse,put fear,stir argument and doubts upon My promises and word
Believe not every word but TEST it from My word. My word never lies.My prophecy though it may carry judgements it brings hope,repentance and humility upon My people.
My prophecy never stirs confusion, doubts and it is never hard or complex to understand . My prophecy is in simple language upon which My sons and daughters can easily understand and be edified.
My prophecy brings comfort and assurance of faith even if it rebukes or corrects. It is never intended to bring confusion,doubt and fear upin the people.
The enemy works to bring doubt,fear and confusion upon My people but I speak in clarity,simplicity, comfort, hope that even babes in Christ may be edified.
The enemy knows My prophecies are about to be fulfilled very soon so he is lifting other voices to stir in confusion,doubt and fear among My people.
Fear not My people for you know My voice and My Holy Spirit within you teaches you all things and I am pouring upon you in mighty measure the Spirit if discernment that u may be able to distinguish what is Mine from what is from the enemy.
Beware for now there are wolves among My true prophets prophesying at this hour.Be alert and vigilant for false prophets prawls amidst soon seeking to destroy,confuse and put doubt and fear among My people. Note such and expose and keep away from.I will be with you  till eternity My dear sons and daughters .
Br Collins Ouma
Busia, kenya.

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  1. Alexander Black

    Beware of wolf ,truth of false dream & vision cause misleading of facts. Figment cause us wrong through gate of unknown. Cause us trap & waste of time and plan .sucks… But watch out not only false prophet even wrong interpreter of dream & vision those I not blame of guilty of mistakes interpreter but false prophet/prophecy that I not glad give us a real figment of vision & dreams it are misleading us .sucks!!!! Yep which is real prophecy?

  2. Margaret Blake

    The Lord says in my spirit… “Tell My people they have been given My Word; the Holy Spirit; and My Name. Bring all to My Father and to Me. Trust in no man. My Word is infallible and one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is Discernment of Spirits. I AM no respecter of persons. Ask and receive. Do not lean unto your own understanding. Do not trust to the flesh.” – Yeshua / Jesus

  3. Aarão

    The true prophet does not boast that he is a prophet. Here, on this site, there are some dubious “prophets” vying for space and glory. Be careful, there are many deceivers …

  4. Pat

    I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

    In short:

    יהוה holds HIS WORD, ABOVE HIS NAME.

  5. mem

    Thank you for the warning. Over the years I have seen how some false prophets react when what they say doesnt come to pass. It is a sure sign that they are not really in communion with God when they react with vitriol become defensive and insult others that hold them to account. In contrast one that is in communion with God will react with humility and admit failure with no excuses. Noone who is really hearing from God is going to hurl insults at others, that is a sure sign of a wolf. Sometimes people that have had a dream that are legitimate will mistakenly interpret it incorrectly. That is why its critical to know the words of the dream or vision versus the interpretation that naturally is colored by ones own lens or doctrine.

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