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Beware of False Hope

April 3, 2024 11:11 AM
Solitary Man


Delusions. Madness. Fantasy. Imaginary hopes and dreams. How my people love it so! They keep gathering to themselves those whose message they prefer, the doctrines they desire to believe.

Yet I have one message, and one message only. The message of Jonah. Yet 40 days, and Nineveh will be overthrown (Jon 3:4). The message of repent, or perish.

So many distract you by focusing on the wrong thing. They look at the numbers, and not at the message. Why do you listen to those who try to set dates and exact moments as to when future events will occur? How many more times do I need to remind you that it is not for you, nor for anyone else, to know the day or the hour. While you are busy buying another book, watching another video, putting your trust in another deceitful worker of unrighteousness, your prayer closet gets neglected. Your heart forgets about the true reality all around you.

If the man (or woman) comes not with the message of the true gospel, the gospel of repentance, then turn from such voices. Do not be taken in by their slick talks or fancy websites. Dig a little deeper and you shall see their true fruits.

Stop listening to those who promise great wealth and great victory in the natural. How many times must I curse your lands and all its works for you to understand the times and season we are in? No, you are not in the time of Joseph. At least not according to how some preach it. Joseph’s time was more of a type of the antichrist system than anything else. Yes, a remnant of mine were preserved and protected in the midst of great tribulation. However, all the wealth that was transferred from the Egyptians wasn’t all laid up for the righteous. It was laid up for Pharaoh. In the midst of total theft, 70 of my own were divinely protected (Gen 46:27, Ex 1:5). However all who resided in Egypt became total slaves.

How many battles in the natural have you won in the last few years? How many victories have you achieved? Are your hearts filled with such desperation for some good news that you will listen to anyone who tells you what you want to hear?

For all those who predict a great transfer of wealth, I have a prediction for them. I predict a disaster upon their ministries. As they have spoken of things that are not of me, neither has it entered into my mind, so shall I do unto them. All the wealth that they have accumulated by fleecing the sheep, I will give to someone else more worthy than them.

Heed not those who would put you at ease. They speak out of their own hearts, and not of me. Twisting the scriptures unto their own destruction, they make my people to trust in a lie.

Hear the word of the Lord. This year is a year of decision for many. Many will be taken to their breaking point. Many will suffer loss. The greatest loss will be the loss of your innocence, the loss of your false beliefs. The belief that I would never allow my people to suffer beyond a certain limit. A limit conjured in the hearts of men. False doctrines of raptures and other things take the place of embracing the clear teaching of my word.

You think that perhaps the worst is over. That so many voices in the digital world are preaching revival and restoration. I say unto you that those who have not been preparing themselves, who have not made that decision of total surrender, will become disillusioned and fall away as the year comes and goes. There are surprises out there that I will reveal to no one, as this is the time of the great testing. All souls are being weighed in the balance.

Will you allow my fire to transform you, or will it consume you? Will you reject the truth, as I send it, and as I see fit? If so, then where shall you go? To all those voices who peddle false hope? Do you not see that there is always a ready audience for a message of a return to the good times? Who does not wish that one could return to a time before all the madness began?

My children, remember the times and the season. The world is now in the time of total judgment. My people and the nations have filled the cup of their iniquity, and now must account for it in full. The land cannot absorb any more innocent blood, yet the blood does not cease from being spilled. How can you even begin to think that my judgment has run its course, when it has only barely begun?

You say, I need hope. My God is a good God, he loves me so much that he must stop these calamities sooner or later.

If you persist in these delusions, these doctrines will be your undoing. A terrible blow to endure is the eventual destruction of false hope. Is it not better to know and embrace the truth, than to continue to cling to lies, only to be devastated in the end? Do you not all have loved ones whom you know that you cannot reach with your words of truth, and are resigned to wait for my mercy and grace to rescue them? How you know, if you are honest, that some will never repent?

The devil sells illusion. I give you reality. Why does truth so prick your heart? Because it is real. It has substance. It is tangible, a thing to grasp and embrace. Something that you can hold on to, when all seems lost. What will the followers of delusion have to hold on to when the time comes? How will they survive when all that they hoped for comes crashing down all around them?

My people, embrace reality now, when it is still far easier to do so. Do not give in to your natural impulse to retreat to a reality of your own choosing. This is why the evil one has ensnared all the youth who choose to live in a virtual world. They have no ability to face reality. They will do whatever they are told if it allows them to remain in their world of illusion for even one more day. Most are already lost.

Yet I do not say that there is no hope. I give you hope, yes, even much more than hope. I give you certainty. The certainty of my word. Not bits and pieces, not one verse here and there, but all of my word. As you begin to grasp more and more of my true ways, my Spirit will give you an assurance that cannot be shaken. You will tap into the true resources of heaven to fight this war. Remember, truth is a vital part of your armor (Eph 6:14). Truth protects my body. Truth will protect you. Find your courage to embrace all truth, no matter where it leads you. Only in that way shall you find the grace and the power to endure unto the end.

Solitary Man

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