April 24, 2022 2:12 AM
Brother Moses

April 24, 2022

The Lord will do wonders among you. Joshua 3:5

Words from the Lord.

My son, I am coming very soon. The day of My coming is not far, but very close more than you can think of. Many are living their lives as if I am no longer coming back again and lots of My children think that My coming is still very far and not close as they are being made to believe by their false leaders. The message about My soon coming is hardly mentioned in the pulpit by the leaders of My flocks.

Many of the shephards are daily feeding the sheeps with rotten foods. They are so earthly minded and most of their messages are on how to prosper and be great on earth. The message of holiness and My soon coming have died out of Many pulpit. Many of My children are more interested on how to prosper and be populer in this life and have forgothen that Man in his highest and best estate is althogether vanity, as said in My word which they hardly read. I the Lord will greatly punish the shephards who have deviated from the true gospel to feed My sheep with doctrine of demons.

Any gospel that is not about the salvation of souls and preparing of My children for My kingdom is heresy. I established My church to be a body where souls are saved and prepared for heaven by teaching them how to live and walk like Me. I the Lord will begin to do wonders among My children in these last moment.

I will begin to expose all the wolves in sheep clothing among My sheeps. I will begin to expose in greater degree all the false prophets, pastors and teachers who have greatly decieved many of My children with false teachings and doctrine of demons.

I the Lord will greatly punish all the so called new age pastors and teachers who have brought into My church their demonic new age movement with their false holy spirit. It grieves My heart as I see Lot of My children behaving like animals under the influence of the new age spirit which these false pastors and prophets have introduced into My church.

My children stop believeing every message you here from the pulpit, for many false prophets have gone out into the world to win many souls for their evil master. Read and study My word daily and ask My precious Holy spirit to give you understanding of My word. Spend quality time in prayers.

Only those who are rooted and built up in My word will overcome the great deception that have filled many churches. Know My children that even My enemy can do miracles. You will know the true and false teachers by the fruit they produce. Develop an intimate relationship with Me. Make Me the first in your life. BEWARE OF DECEPTION!


Coordinating Scriptures.

Mathew 25:13
Mark 13:35-37
Revelation 16:13
Mathew 24:24
1Timothy 4:1-3
2Timothy 4:1-4
2Peter 2:1-3
2Timothy 3:16:17.

Brother Moses.

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