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Mike M.


I had a dream a couple nights ago, on the 21st. It was very vivid, especially the faces of the people. Betrayal was happening to me. As I went around the room I went from person to person saying, “and you are a hypocrite, and you are a hypocrite…”. It did not seem to phase the people. They were religious but not spiritual. Scripture tells us the signs to look for in determining if a brother or sister is from God or caught up in a religious spirit. This bunch was religious. There was no love, but just a smug expression, false peace based on works they had done, esteeming themselves higher than me or others based on their performance.

We know we are saved by grace through faith. It is a free gift, not anything we can buy or earn, lest any man or woman boast. What we do afterward-our good works-done unto the Lord determines our rewards. It’s all about motive. And it’s never about earning it. It’s about humbly walking one day at a time and plugging in for that day for the strength and power to get through. Galatians chapter five. It’s about him, not me. I must decrease and he must increase.

The reason I believe God gave this dream to me is that we are now going to see more of a dividing line between these two groups of people: the pharisee types of self-righteous bean counters who think they are better because of their money, their position, their education, their years of service, their intellect, their accomplishments and good works. On the flip side are those are know they could not earn the Father’s approval through works, but for to receive rewards. This bunch is even amazed that God could love a sinner like them. Sin hurts their heart and they repent. And they don’t condemn, but build up. (Now correction is something different entirely and I did a piece on that about Matthew 18 which you can find in the archives here.)

The humble know that the reason they were made right was nothing they did or even could do but by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the- glorious Son of God- who overcame the sins of the world, went down into hell and suffered in our place so that we could be restored to right relationship with the Father. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. The life is in the blood. The authority is in Christ’s blood. Therefore we plead it, whether in harms way, or when we are hurting, or needing favor, or protection, or provision, and especially when the devil reminds us of our past sins. We put that blood on everything, figuratively of course.

We must remind the powers of darkness that we have this authority and this weapon, if you will, against the onslaught of accusations and expectations from the devil, his minions, and religious people who may not even realize they are working on his team, and not really on Christ’s. So the word is beware. Beware of who you are around, who you open up to. Be lead of the spirit. Remember, Jesus always escaped the aggressive and advancing crowds-escaped danger-until such time as it was written that he be caught and crucified. In much the same way, we, sharing in his sufferings and also in his glory both here on this dysfunctional planet and in the life to come-we all have our appointed times. Not a minute before, or a day before, but right on schedule. So, in this way, the spirit leads us as to who to have real fellowship with. When to shake the dust off the sandals and move on. Not with bitterness and malice, but with purpose, forgiving all, blessing and praying for all-especially those who have hurt us, whether brothers and sisters or random people.

Also there was a man in the dream who came physically at me when I called him a hypocrite and he violently placed his hands around my head trying to crush it. I could not feel it. But I did fight back. I could not feel that either. I think God was using this dream as a warning and lesson to avoid such things if at all possible. I am still praying and pondering on this, whether I did the right thing or not in the dream. Just what was happening there? I think this is one of those cases where God is both giving me a personal word of warning, information as well as being able to share this with the body at large for edification and building up all of us. A timely warning for us all as we see the day approaching.

Let us do our best to have sincere fellowship without condemnation-type judgments (Romans 2). May we stay in grace and not veer off into thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought. May it show in our actions toward our brothers and sisters. And most importantly, may it come from the heart, flowing out as being connected in the vine rather than just going through the motions.

God Bless you all.

p.s. God has put another American city on my heart to visit and reach in missionary service and healing. I have the gift of healing. He usually sends me very broken people. It is a joy to embrace their pain and share in it while pointing them to the one who can restore all things. Any donations toward this end would be greatly appreciated. I don’t think I should reveal the city until after the mission is complete. paypal.me/catacombs/ Shedding light on darkness and dispelling it.

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