Belshazzar! – Benjamin Faircloth


“America, you’ve desired a king without Me, now you have one! You have fallen from Grace because you refused to seek My face, so I’ve given you your heart’s desire! A king that doesn’t know Me- a king that refuses to honor Me-a king that speaks swelling words of self-praise- who follows the gods of money, fortune, and fame, but I tell you this day, (just) as these things, and those who purse these gods, shall taste and feel the fires of judgment and displeasure, For I alone AM the King of Israel, and I alone Am the Chosen One, and I alone can fix what is broken, and I alone Am the Way, the Truth, and Life and I alone raise up kings and set them down! America, you’ve been fooled and snake bitten and bewitched, and now bewilderment will be your cup to drink! Choose this day My Church, who will you follow? The paganized prophets of Babylon who prophesy a lie to you or follow and believe My True Prophets who are bathed in My Presence and clothed with My Truth! The choice is yours, choose wisely for the coming days will increase with gross darkness and peril. Only those who know the Truth will clearly see the path ahead that leads to Victory!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Daniel 5)

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