Being in my will and walking the Narrow path that leads to eternal life – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister


Being in my will and walking the Narrow path that leads to eternal life

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Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?

Yes daughter I do. I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day.This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. Daughter I am using you as a willing vessel in which to speak through. Today I want to address my holy children my bride my remnant my body my church !!! Not the lukewarm or wicked who will perish. This message is for my people. My children my bride, I want to ask you something important. Are you in my will doing the will of my father ? Are you living holy and set apart from the world or are you caught up in the things of this world and are you on the broad path to destruction and an eternity in hell ? Are or have you become lukewarm ? I will never deliver messages to tickle ears or make you feel good. I am a God of mercy grace compassion love joy peace but I am also Holy and just. Without holiness no one will see me or the father . Children which voice and path are you following ? Are you part of the darkness or light ? You cannot serve two masters its either me or Satan. Do not throw away your eternity on the things of this temporary world. All of you will have to stand before me and give an account of your life to me. You are the final generation. These are the end times which you live in. Very soon I will be removing my bride to safety and bring her home to heaven. Will you be ready when this occurs ? I am only taking the pure holy and obedient all others will be left behind. Do you truly know me and my heart ? Do you have a relationship with me or do you just know me by head knowledge ? Children seriously think about where you are going after this life. There is an eternal heaven and an eternal hell. Those who deliberately sin and who are disobedient and who do not repent and who do not turn from their evil ways will go to hell for eternity. Those who repent live holy and set apart pursue me bring others to me and who have a relationship with who are truly born again and saved will inherit my kingdom. I am looking for those who are willing to lay down everything of this world and follow after me. My children you are supposed to be on the narrow path that leads to eternal life. My children have you strayed off course? If so come back to me. My children this is the valley of choices. Choose me now over this world before it is too late for you. My holy sanctified ones have been marked by my father and sealed by my blood. The obedient will spend eternity with me . While the disobedient will not. Children think this over . Where do you want to go after you leave this Earth ? Your not going to live on Earth forever. Eternity is at stake. All of my children should take heed and get right with me their GOD before it becomes too late for them. You must be walking the narrow path following my ways and my laws not mans. I see all and know all. Nothing gets past me. I see who are truly mine and who are not. My bride get your knees and talk to me. I desire to hear my children’s voices as much as you want to hear mine. My coming is imminent be ready BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY SAITH YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH KING OF KINGS JESUS

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  1. Julia Eze

    I thank YAHWEH for this word to you sister Ann, I am a new subscriber from Nigeria. I am born again but my husband is not and we are separated. I live in Aba Nigeria while he lives in Trento Italy with my daughter. Please pray that my husband becomes born again and for me to be reconciled with my him and my daughter this new year 2019. Yahweh bless and keep you and yours in this new year and beyond.

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