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BEHOLD! Your KING is coming in GREAT POWER – Edward Umling

BEHOLD! Your KING is coming in GREAT POWER

Prophetic Word to the Holy People

July 30 2020
Edward Umling

My son I want you to write about the specific and intense persecution coming upon my Holy People. Run and Shout My People for your King is coming in POWER!

There is intense persecution coming upon my Holy Ones.  They will shine bright in a dark world. They will attract opposition because they cannot hide they have no where they can go to conceal the light in them.

The month of September is the unleashing of an intense persecution on my Holy Ones.
This is the time of testing.

Behold the Hour of Trial!

See I have told you beforehand so that when it comes you will not be made to stumble.
The sifting has begun!


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  1. Geert

    Great one
    Is it possible that God is talking to his Holy people Israel?

  2. Averine Pennington

    Thank you my brother for your confirmation to what the Lord has given me, You are the third confirmation I have been waiting for. We serve a Mighty God who never ever fails!

    God bless you for your obedience to Him.


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