Barbara Francis

Mark 13:35 KJV
Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

“Behold the master cometh for the darkness shall always be revealed by the light. From the deepest canyon to the highest mountain my word rings true. I am the beacon of light; I stir men’s souls. Are you listening? My Messengers have given thee ample warnings. Has this not caused thee to seek my forgiveness? Time bears witness to the evil in men’s hearts. Did you feed the hungry? Did you give shelter to the homeless? Did you give clothes to the naked? I will judge you not according to your words but your deeds. Let today be the day that you draw closer to me for my judgement comes quickly to the unrepentant.”

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  1. JLMichaels

    In this regards I received a small and brief vision. The words of the Apostle Paul proceeded it; Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    The vision was of myself collecting waste and garbage spread about by those I know. Both those that I consider just and those of the unjust as well. When this process was complete I was looking for the proper place to dispose of the trash I collected, yet couldn’t find a proper dumpster to be rid of it. I had collected the trash with the right hand holding on to what was from the just and the trash of the unjust with the left. There was just a small amount in my left hand, less than the standard plastic shopping bag full, though I consider myself to know far more of the unjust than the just. In my right hand I saw myself trying to carry a small mountain of garbage, far larger then I would every expect to carry, yet again coming from the discards of the just.

    Asking my Lord and God for understanding, I received a most unpleasant shock. I was told that all my personal efforts for those I loved were in vain, as they were not at all concerned for their own personal fate/salvation. Waste in the form of filth and garbage was all that they produced with all that feeds from the likes of it. Flies, worms, rats, etc..

    At his coming, they will all be blessed to be tried and tested with his justice, with only those who truly conform to his most perfect will and ways remaining. Again, these were those I considered to be of the righteous, yet were much worse then those of the unrighteous.


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