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Behold the Goodness and Severity of God – Steve Holmes


Behold the Goodness and Severity of God

December 26, 2021 11:02 PM
Steve Holmes

December 24, 2021

Behold the goodness and severity of God.

Many of God’s own prophets are deceived with false doctrines, sin, self exaltion and self interest, proclaiming “God said” when in fact God has not said, and worse, a lying demon said. Many are claiming to be prophets yet have never heard the voice of Yahweh God Almighty, storing up for themselves God’s judgment for stumbling souls into hell with their lies.

Nobody is listening, yet God has told his prophets to warn this nation whether they hear or whether they utterly ignore every word spoken against them and their “sacred” sins. Nobody believes the signs, wonders, the word of God, nor the firm words of loving warning spoken through the mouth of God’s real, undeceived prophets, who’s warnings are directly tied to God’s unchanging, inerrant, eternal word. If the dead in Christ were raised today to testify against America, they would be ignored. The word of God is not valued in this land nor in this generation where every man is unassailably right in his own eyes. As it is spoken of by Amos, in the last days, God has sent a famine in the land for the hearing of God’s word. Why? Because nobody wants the inconvenience of having to hear it, much less heed and obey it. Believers don’t even believe they need to read it, and their dusty bibles and poor Bible knowledge are the evidence that testifies against them. God’s true prophets are censored by the news media, social media, rebellious sinners, the government, church organizations, homeless shelters, food banks, hospitals, hospices, orphanages, foster care organizations, those who argue with stiff, pontifical-collared necks and fish hats, and their own private opinions and interpretations of God and his word. Utter folly bordering on spiritual insanity. Everyone in America believes they are an exception. Well they aren’t, contrary to “woke” opinion.

America, despite chapter after chapter of it’s own judgments and final epitaph in God’s thousands of years of warnings in his word (revelation 18), still has the gall after 911 and countless, senseless, brutal, mass killings, failed wars, crime, hatred, boiling racism, self entitlement disasters, unabated national debt and tax deficits caused directly by taxpayer reductions caused by abortions- which are nothing but “conveinience rights” for half of this nation while applauding human sacrifices to demons who refuse to submit to Jesus. The other half is standing by watching or complaining on the internet about encroachment upon their “rights” without a word said for the rights of innocent children to not be butchered in their mother’s unworthy womb.

People, a nation that serves Satan has no “God-given Rights.” Rather, they only have God’s judgment and if they refuse to repent, they have the cup of God’s wrath to drink from- clear down to the dregs, where God’s razor sharp, two-edge sword of his word warned them, and it will pierce them through from mouth to crotch. Well America, your time to repent has passed. You squandered it, proving there is no repentance in you.

The USA is a nation of fools who have built their strength, riches and sovereignty on a rotten foundation of lies, wars, genocide, racketeering, theft and worship of all manner of false “gods.” When God’s people still ignorantly pray, “God Bless America,” they are spitting the putrid filth of this adulterous nation into the face of a holy and just God, and praying for his wrath to completely destroy this country. The America they want blessed does NOT exist, and has not for decades. Hence they are asking God to bless a nation that has given itself over to complete wickedness. Don’t believe me? Look at the utter disaster Joe Biden and his antichrist cronies have made of this nation in less than one year. You want that blessed? Why aren’t you crying out to God day and night against this wicked country? Because you don’t want those prayers answered because that will affect YOU…drastically.

Where are the cries to God of repentance and remorse for sin? He has announced in his word that the world would be just as bad and just as unreachable and self absorbed as the wicked at the time of Noah. Look around you: This is what it was like then, only far, far worse. How many did he spare and why? 8, and that was because Noah alone was found to be righteous in God’s sight. Do you measure up to that standard? I don’t. I am dependent solely upon the righteousness of Jesus Christ who was sacrificed for sin…ALL sin of those who repent and believe upon him. But don’t kid yourself with “judeo-christian values” or “America is a Christian nation” slogans: this is a nation that paints it’s White House and flys foreign embassy flags with a grossly offensive, perverted twisting of God’s promises concerning destruction. And most recently, places a satan representing baphomet in the cradle that the King of kings and LORD of lords lay in when he was born into this world to gather the lost unto God and be mercilessly crucified by sinners to pay for the sins of the world. Wise kings from the east traveled a great distance and brought that babe in swaddling rags expensive gifts and WORSHIPPED HIM ALONG WITH GOD’S ANGELS. And now we celebrate the greatest gift ever given by God to man by substituting him with an image of Satan. How blind has this nation become? How utterly blasphemous and intentionally offensive. That is “christmas” in today’s America where I seriously doubt that the slaughter of kids in Chicago will cease for even one day, which not even the WWI German and British soldiers would lower themselves to. They played soccer with each other instead of killing each other on Christmas (Update: 18 shot, 1 fatally December 24-26, 2021 in Chicago).

Through his prophets God has repeatedly said for decades that the sins of America are WORSE than the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and that those cities are an everlasting testimony against the very sins that are now codified to be a “hate crime” and a denial of “human rights” to refuse to kowtow to, and are celebrated with arrogant, vulgar, public displays of pride, and worse, are now being mandated to be taught to our youngest school children as a right, privilege and a sacred honor to uphold, enforce, cheer and never question.

America, you have been warned countless times directly by God’s spirit, through his word, and through his ordained, authority weilding servants, including his prophets to repent, but you have not. You have utterly and completely rejected HIM and his authority in every way, such that you have become incorrigible, rebellious, defiant and ungovernable, setting yourselves to be “God” as is the plan of Satan.


America, as a nation you have collectively and irrevocably blasphemed the Holy Spirit- God Almighty in his eternal, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent form.

The warnings given in mercy have been fruitless, mocked and ignored. You have chosen your fate. You shall now reap what you have sown and God will be glorified in your utter and complete humiliation and total destruction.

As one of God’s designated mouthpieces to the United States of America, I tell you the truth: your destruction is upon you and you will soon reel and spin in your bleeding-out death spiral. There is no remedy. There is no hope for this nation. For yet a moment in time, there is an instant to repent as individuals before it is too late, and I urge everyone who reads this to get on your face before God and beg him to show you your sins before those sins land you in hell.

America, you have guaranteed your Revelation 18 destruction for your unrepentant love for sin and Satan. Ashes to ashes, filth and rust- Your nation crashes and returns to dust.

Don’t waste your breath arguing with me, people. Take this announcement to the throne of God, argue it with him and insist that he remove me from the face of the earth for hurting your poor little entitlement feelings about your sin and subjugation of mankind the world over. Convince him that because you are an American Christian, you are somehow worthy of escaping his judgment.

I am telling you right now by the spirit of God that his judgment horses are being released. A merciless war has been planned by “America’s enemies” who are sick to death of merciless sanctions, hypocritical bawling about “human right” from a nation that slaughters children without remorse, exports corruption of morals and all that is godly, and serves nobody but themselves at the expense of others. Do you think God intends to thwart those “enemies” in their response to the war on them that the US has waged for CENTURIES? Wake up and stop believing the delusions…if you even can. Beg God to open your eyes to the evil of this country and how it hurts and enrages HIM.

I serve no man or human government. I don’t care if you are offended by this post. I don’t care if it makes you so angry that you want to kill me. I fear nobody but Jesus Christ who is the visible image of the ONLY God, to whom EVERYONE WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT OF EVERY THOUGHT, WORD, ACTION, DEED AND MISDEED OF THEIR ENTIRE LIFE. Starting with me, the current “chiefest of sinners” who deserves nothing more than eternity in immeasurable pain and torment in the lake of fire for every time I have knowingly sinned. I pray that you may be found worthy to escape the great tribulation of the saints who in their luke warm, putrid “christianity” are vomited out of the mouth of Jesus into the refining fires of God in a completely Christ hating system that will escort all who refuse the mark of Satan’s kingdom on earth to martyrdom by beheading while those who hate you cheer the spilling of your blood. To be clear, before God, I know I am not above such a horrific and yet justifiable end.

Merry Christmas- enjoy it because it is probably your last opportunity to publicly celebrate the birth of the only one who can save you from your sins and the sin you have contributed towards the guaranteed destruction of Babylon the Great, the fallen United States of America.

It breaks my heart to have to post this, but it breaks God’s heart infinitely that America has made this post necessary.


Thus says Yahweh. God Almighty:

“America, you are not going to suffer “misfortune” but my wrath. My people, come out of her as my word says. Retribution now comes without delay. That has been your final choice and therefore it has become mine. Get your life and eternal soul right and cleansed before me in the blood of my son, whom I gave to you out of infinite love for you. For it is now time for my judgments to begin and they shall begin with MY house. Grasp firmly to the horns of my altar and allow me to burn out your sin and make you into a sweet smelling living sacrifice unto me. I call all of my children to repent and forgive all who have sinned against you as that is my prerequisite for me forgiving you by sacrificing my precious son to wash away your sins, which are hideous, vile, reprehensible, inexcusable, foul, disgusting, wicked and repulsive in my sight. I will never allow sin in my presence that is not covered and washed away by my provision: my son’s blood. Your sins cost him his life. Do not come before me without his blood as your covering. I cast sinners into hell for eternity. Do not even think to challenge my sovereignty in this with your self righteousness and false “gods,” or I will allow you the consequences of choosing them over me, and you will suffer my wrath for eternity because of your choice. The gravity of sin in my sight is beyond your understanding. It has caused me pain beyond what you can ever experience. Holiness delights my heart. Obeying me as I lead you closer to me is what I desire, that I might enjoy eternity with my creation, and that you might enjoy eternity with me, your creator, manifested bodily in my son and in you, that we all may be one and share in our bonds of love for each other.

Be strong, my precious children. What now comes will be devastating to you in all that you hold dear that is not of me, and that is more than you perceive right now, but I am going to use your circumstances to cleanse you to perfection IF you allow me and do not harden your heart in the struggle.

Love one another, even as I have loved you, and think it not a shame or loss to be considered- to lose all, even your very life on earth for my name’s sake.

Armor up as my word instructs. Your enemy now comes to test your faith, resolve and commitment to me. He is bringing great persecution against you in his hatred of me. Do not fight against him in your own strength or capabilities. He will defeat you quickly and mercilessly if you try. My word is your effective battle weapon. Feast upon it while you can because he will seek to forbid you having access to it and he will be largely successful. Seek me for my will and my anointing. Seek out the lost whom I will send you to. Your hope is in me as is your life. Pray for one another. Be loving and kind to one another. Treat each other as my own beloved children, for each of you truly are. Great suffering is coming. I warn you so that your faith may not fail- it is up to you to run to me for the protection of your soul, even if you must lay down your life.

I love each of you, my sons and daughters. The close of the age is now here, and my word gives you the details that you must know and live by in this final hour to establish you blameless in my kingdom. Pray for those who watch for your soul as they will soon be in constant, grave danger for preaching my gospel. Be on the lookout for evil men. I am separating them from those who are mine as wheat from tares. My angelic host is with you, and as I have said, where two or more of you are gathered together in my name, there I am in your midst. Behold, I come quickly for you, my children. Hold fast to what I have given to you so that no man may steal your crown. I have given you truth. Live it, for great deception with great pressure comes and I desire that your faith in me never fails.

I love you with everlasting love, my children. Look to me for abundance of joy in your coming trials. I will not cast out those who seek me with all of their heart, and I delight in fellowship with those who seek me and treasure their time with me, in my presence.

I am releasing great and powerful gifts to my church. Do not abuse or misuse my power for your own glory, but use it for mine.

Be holy as I am holy, saith God, and do not participate in, lust after, desire or give your time and attention to that which offends or displeases me. I have called my church to be the light in the thick darkness that has descended upon this world. Win those whom you can into my family and kingdom.

Behold, my children, I am still with you always, even unto the end of this present age and forevermore.”


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