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Behold the BEAST rises – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

September 30, 2018

Children share these words with your friends s and families. A great slaughter will cover the nations. Persecution and death. Your leaders have a plan made to control the people and maintain what they consider ORDER. Their order. Soon you will be required to take a mark .You have already been warned and told of this system. it will be REQUIRED. If you refuse you will lose your job. You will lose access to health care benefit s Your will lose any cash funding, food assistance or government benefits. You will not be able to purchase any goods or services without it. I want you to consider carefully what this means. This means life or death physical or eternal. This system will track your movement financial transactions and every aspect of your life. There will be no more privacy or liberty. This is the BEAST system it is in place now. Their requirement will cause chaos and rioting over the nations. Food wars, looting and murder. Many will be forced to live in the shadows hiding and trying to survive. While those taking this mark will betray and become informers turning in their own friends and families causing them to be put to death. Pray now asks for wisdom ,knowledge and understanding. Pray you do my will. Pray you will not fall into the snare of the enemy. Do not any mark or implanted object on or in your body. Your body is the TEMPLE of the LORD it is written. Prepare now. Trust No Man. The BEAST will rise to power and fulfill scripture. This mark will unite you to the BEAST. This mark will separate you from me for eternity if you take it. Behold the BEAST rises.


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