“Behold I come quickly for those who keep my commandments” – Tess Ann McAllister

Tess Ann MacAlilister

“Behold I come quickly for those who keep my commandments ”


Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH (king of kings and Lord of Lords). This message is for my true followers and servants NOT the lukewarm or wicked and unbelieving. Daughter tell the rest of my people the time to prepare for my coming is now. My people do you not see all the signs around you of my soon return ?? Are you aware, watching and praying ? Are you fasting and repenting and being obedient I the Lord know the hearts of every man woman and child. I alone judge the hearts and I alone give eternal life or eternal separation from me . I the Lord Jesus wanted to tell my people the time to prepare is NOW I AM COMING QUICKLY AND I AM ONLY TAKING MY FIRSTFRUITS REMNANT BRIDE. All others will be left behind. Daughter the time is now to prepare !!! THE GATE AND DOOR TO HEAVEN AND MERCY WILL BE SHUT VERY SOON. MUCH DESTRUCTION AND WRATH IS COMING TO THIS REBELLIOUS DISOBEDIENT AND WICKED PERVERSE ANTI GOD WORLD. My beloved bride this is the time I wish to gather you unto myself. My people have no fear “I AM “ is with you my beloved remnant you will be taken at the appointed time. One reason the rapture has not occurred yet is because I am trying to draw as many souls as I can to me. I am HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS BUT ALSO LOVING AND MERCIFUL. IT IS NOT MY WILL THAT ANYONE SHOULD PERISH BUT THAT ALL WOULD REPENT TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. MY PEOPLE TIME IS RUNNING OUT QUICKLY FOR YOU THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS AND I AM COMING QUICKLY !!!. To my sanctified army and bride I am to be taken seriously. Most don’t even know I exist . Behold I am he that was dead and now I am alive forevermore and I have the keys of hell and of death. Preach the gospel to the Lost while there is still time!! My people do not lose hope or faith I am bringing much reward to those who keep my commandments and who keep themselves pure and holy before me a Holy God !! My people I will never deliver feel good tickle the ears kinds of messages. I warn reprove rebuke and chastise out of love!! I love my creation but time is running out. Much chaos and terror is coming to those who refuse to turn from their sins and live holy. My people are you prepared to enter eternity with me and are you prepared to stand before my FATHER YAHWEH to give an account of your life to him. You do not know when I will come for you prepare now while there is still little time left on your earthly schedule and I am only taking those who know me and have a relationship with me. My people it won’t be much longer. I AM COMING QUICKLY !!! Are you ready to meet your maker ? My people eternity is at stake Arise my remnant I will continue to lead guide direct convict and fill you with my strength and spirit until I come for you. Hold on my people BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY – KING OF KINGS JESUS YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH

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  1. Tess Ann Macallister

    Hello Um who are you to say that your an angel ? What do I need to Repent of ? God operates in three different ways through himself through his son Yeshua and through the Ruach Ha Kodesh (the Holy Spirit) I do not need to repent of this video or the word Messiah gave me The Bible teaches that Jesus is the same as the father I understand that Jesus is not God the father every day I pray repent worship Yeshua and father and I always say the Lord’s Prayer that messiah (Yeshua ) gave to us I always address the father first I constantly repent of my sins already so I don’t understand what it is that I need to repent of ??? I hear Yeshuas voice audibly today I read Romans chapters 8-16 you cannot be both angel and human you are either one or the other by the way you can’t be angel and human so I think yor the one that needs to repent here I hear the Lords voice and I listen to him not earthly men proclaiming to be angels like you If the Lord convicts me if I did any wrong here then I will repent but I have been doing this for a long time and I test the spirits constantly to make sure I am hearing the right voice I rely on none other than messiah Yeshua

  2. Gordon Gharis

    The Messiah is indeed God
    GOD is Three Persons-in-ONE Godhead. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Have you never readthe Gospel of John – Chapter 1? “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was God (God the Son)! There was nothing that was created that was not created through Him. And the Word was made Flesh (YAHUSHUA’s / JESUS’ first Advent) and He dwelt among us. And we beheld His Glory full of Grace and Truth!” God the Son humbled Himself to be as One of His own creation, mankind. To be the redeeming Mediator between GOD and man.

  3. Deanesh

    GOD is three persons. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. True teachings at

    • Tess Ann Macallister

      I rely on Genesis to Revelation nothing else by the KJV Bible Deanesh

    • anna

      God is 3 in One and not 3 separate beings like the Catholics teach. The Word says The Father and I are One. So I agree with Tess Ann.

  4. Rebecca Portillo

    Father is The 3 in 1.. I agree with Sister Tesh. Deanesh you must ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. The Lord Jesus Christ is God in the Flesh! Shalom

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