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Behind Closed Doors – Cryptic1

Behind Closed Doors

August 21, 2020 7:21 PM

This message was given 8.4.20 and 8.13.20.

The End is here. The time that has been predestined since the beginning of the world has begun. Children you must look to Me now more than ever. The days move swiftly now. Time is against you. Preparations must be done NOW for soon you will not be able to move as freely as you desire. The time is coming when your movements will be limited as the enemy seeks to thwart your every move. His wish is to coerce you into submission by the wearing of the masks – then the taking of the vaccine or antidote to lull you into a false sense of hope. There is no hope outside of Me your Savior. I alone can save you if you but turn and give your life to Me. The days are numbered indeed. What is coming will try the heart of man. Whatever you have faced in your life will be nothing compared to what is to come. Trials, the great tribulation, storms both physical and spiritual, diversions along your path. Fear will be the byword of the day. Fear will run rampant as each day brings new and unsettling troubles.

The skies will open up to unleash a torrent of celestial projectiles all aimed at your earth. People will stay in their homes for fear of these coming objects hurtling towards your planet. They will take cover behind closed doors and stay close to their abodes for fear of what is coming.

Food will be scarce and the prices will start to escalate as I have foretold. Famine is coming upon the land. The signs are here. Prepare while it is still daylight. I speak to those who fear they are hoarding and taking away from others. I have said to prepare time and again. I have sent warning upon warning through My watchmen, My prophets and messengers. Can you not see the danger signs ahead? You have grown complacent My children. This will be your undoing. Turn to Me now while you can. Repent for the Day of the Lord is surely at hand!

Your Lord and Savior,


As confirmation I saw the word ‘pomegranate’ today in a post by Roxanne titled “Trust Me” (8.14.20) on the 444ProphecyNews site. Based on the Holy Spirit, whenever I see the word ‘pomegranate’ it is an indication that we are moving closer to famine.

“Your lips are like a strand of scarlet, and your mouth is lovely. Your temples behind your veil are like a piece of pomegranate”. (Song of Solomon 4:3)


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  1. The end is here? Nope. The end of this age is closing – yes! Rapture, marriage supper and then the Millennium. Praise God.

    I think we have been told enough times food will be scarce. Tell me you have something to bring to the table that is better than that?


    My ♥ grieves for those who didn’t heed these warnings. Their suffering will most likely be great. Jesus have Mercy.

  3. Fred

    Cryptic1 – Can you please elaborate on this part of the message?
    Thank you. re: hoarding and taking away from others.

    “I speak to those who fear they are hoarding and taking away from others. I have said to prepare time and again.” I have sent warning upon warning through My watchmen, My prophets and messengers.

  4. Cryptic1

    There are many who have been hoarding food during this pandemic and there are those who consider this morally wrong – this taking away from the needy. If you have been obeying God’s Word as as far as preparing for the famine – you may find yourself buying more than you normally would or in essence hoarding.

    God is saying to listen to His warnings – which is to prepare and stock up on food and other supplies and not to focus on what could be misconstrued as hoarding.


    Amen cryptic


    I’ve often wondered lately how can anyone, unless they have truly surrendered to the Lord, sleep at night knowing rocks are crashing down on the earth and their house could be the next target? A lack of sleep will impact many people, more than anything else that will take place,, that’s why we have to draw close to God,daily,focussing continually on our only hope the unblemished pure lamb of God Yeshua, for divine protection.

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