Beginning of Woes – Doug MacCallum

Beginning of Woes – Doug MacCallum


Time after time I have warned My People of what is coming to your Nation(America), and time after time many of them have ignored Me and those who I have spoken through. What is taking place in your country, up to this point in time, is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what is coming to America. Did not mighty Babylon fall in one night! So too America!
The great cataclysms and change to this country will happen suddenly and rapidly. For those who have not prepared themselves in My Spirit and Word, will be caught completely by surprise. Even some of the lost in your country are more prepared than many of My People. Albeit, not in My Spirit and Word, but in the natural they are preparing for a great conflict and turmoil. Sadly, they will be wrestling the supernatural in the natural and will fail unless they surrender to Me at that time. My Word says that the children of Darkness are wiser than the children of Light. But My Word also says that Wisdom, My Divine Wisdom and Logos, is justified by her children. I do have a Remnant, My Hidden Ones, Who have saturated Themselves into My Wisdom. Is not My Wisdom, My Dear Son, My Great Plan for Mankind! These, My Son has been Wooing for sometime now. This Company is His Bride that has been preparing Herself in Me. They have allowed My Spirit to come and remove the cataracts from Their eyes and unplug Their ears so that They are becoming more and more familiar with My Presence and Voice. They have been daily consuming My Word and are allowing It to go deep into Their hearts to effect My Transforming Work. They have surrendered their wills to My Will. They have endeavored to obey My Word as an expression of Their love for Me and to be pleasing to Me. Through this Great Company will I do even a greater Work than ever has been before on the Earth. This Company is Worldwide and every corner of the Earth has My Hidden Ones. When I reveal Them, and that Day is fast approaching, They will be One in Purpose, Faith, and Me! This has been My Plan from before Time; The Expression of Myself, through My Son, and His Revealing through His Bride. She has, and continues, to respond to His Wooing, so that The Plan may be completed in and through Her.

Those who reject His Wooing will soon be Woeing! As in the days of Moses dealing with Pharaoh, so My Woes will be poured out on this country(America). To whom much is given, much is required! The intensity of each one will increase, so as to break the hardest heart to bring them to Salvation. Some are responding already through the light judgements I AM sending to your Nation, but I have many others to reach, and they will only respond to a more severe Spanking. However, many will not respond to these preliminary Woes. That is why the Time of Jacob’s Trouble must fall on the Earth, for the Time grows short for My Son’s Return and Reign on the Earth.

Which will it be? Will you respond to My Son’s Wooing to become One with Us, or will it take My Woes to bring you to a place of surrender? BEWARE! Those that continually reject His Wooing and My Woes, are causing their hearts to become hardened to the point of no return! Pharaoh allowed this and it ultimately led to his own destruction and the downfall of a mighty Empire.

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