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Because of your love for Trump, the world & money: I have spewed you out of my mouth – Melisa May

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Because of your love for Trump, the world & money: I have spewed you out of my mouth

October 11, 2020
Melisa May


I had a very detailed dream about Trump last night. I know all you that love Trump will be VERY unhappy with me but I have to be obedient to God and what I saw and warn.

I was with President Trump in my dream and in my dream I was made known that him and I were lovers. I was sitting beside him in the back of a black stretch limo and we were heading someplace very important. In the dream I looked down at the clothing I was wearing a very expensive white blouse and very expensive tan pencil skirt with gorgeous brown leather pumps. In the dream I knew I was extremely wealthy by worldly standards and in my dream I was given the understanding that I had chosen Trump, worldly riches, and the worlds ways over God.

In the distance, as we were driving, I looked and I saw the rapture occurring! I saw what looked like thousands of angels coming down and grabbing people and taking them up. It was beautiful sight!! I saw beautiful colors surrounding the angels and the people. I saw hues of blues, pinks, bright lights and other colors I had never seen before! As I was watching the rapture occur I was like “Lord please take me I want to go!!!!” The Lord then spoke and said “Because of you choosing Trump and your love for Trump, your love for this world, and the love of money, I have spewed you out of my mouth.” And just like that I was left behind.

In the dream symbolically I represented many people today and even believers who love Trump. In the dream I knew God. But I chose the world, I chose the love of money, and I chose Trump. I loved all those things more then I loved God. I was made known that because of this when the rapture occurred I was left behind. In real life I haven’t voted in an election since 2012 when I realized Presidents were selected and not elected. People we must choose Jesus!!! As for the rapture I do not know that this will happen during Trumps election or presidency. I do not know the day or hour. As always take all my dreams and visions to the Lord in prayer.

FYI…If you come on this post and attack me you will be blocked! Please share and pray that you are counted worthy to escape. If you all remember my mom Carolyn Martin also was given a detailed vision about Trump 2 weeks prior to the Election 2016 and she said God spoke to her that he was “weighing hearts.” Are you going to choose Him or this world?

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