Beast System Dream – Anointed Melody

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Beast System Dream

June 22, 2024 11:45 AM
Anointed Melody

June 21, 2024-Before falling asleep, I asked God if the beast system was fully formed yet or not. In a dream, I saw an ID card, large, kind of floating in the air. I realized it was mine and I had to pay more than $100 to get it. I was trying to do something with it and had to check its status. This meant to look for the card number, something like that, in the right upper corner. There, I saw three sixes in different areas, but each six had a small lock on it. After this, I dreamed I was in a hospital hallway and the place was sort of dark, dimly lit, but empty. The only man walking around was Hitler. I said, “He’s here?” I walked out away from him and went into a more normal hospital area with staff and patients, but then I wanted to see Hitler again, so I went back into the dark area, but I didn’t see him that I remember. People thought I was crazy for wanting to see him again. I then went out of the building and it was a city, perhaps small to medium size feel. There were some stores, but it didn’t have the feel of America. I haven’t traveled much, but it seemed to be more like Europe in design, but I don’t know the location. It wasn’t mentioned. Upon waking, after praying a little bit, I felt that God was saying that the beast system is fully in place now, at least its foundation, but God is still holding it back from being fully implemented. Also the “Antichrist” is likely alive now and on the political scene, but he is still hiding in the shadows and has yet to be revealed. Likely the rest was an indication of where he arises from, but I couldn’t say where that was. I also feel that God was saying that while He understands how His people want things to hurry along so Jesus can return and we will have eternal peace and joy, He is also saying that we shouldn’t be in a rush to experience the worst of the “end times” things. It will be very hard with all the geological disasters, war, persecution, and everything else, and we shouldn’t be wasting time on entertainment and unimportant things, but still treasure the days and seek to evangelize and love people as best we can. The most important thing is always to save souls and to know with certainty that many, many more will be on their way to Heaven with the Lord than to be in Hell with Satan and the Antichrist. Pray for the lost while there is still time to do so.

Photos courtesy Pixabay



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