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Bears & Sharia Law – Watchman Marah

Bears & Sharia Law

April 12, 2020 3:01 PM
Watchman Marah

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I have had a great deal of apprehension during our lockdown in this country. I truly feel there is something coming our way. A Storm of events. There is something looming over the White House, so pray for our president.

A couple of years ago I had a dream that we were under Sharia Law. And were governed by a middle eastern country.

The WV town I was living in had signs in the restraunt windows; “NO CHRISTIANS ALLOWED”.
In the parks were signs posted, “NO CHRISTIANS ALLOWED”.  We couldn’t even walk on the side walk.  In this town, traditionally there was an event where people, mostly young people, would swim the rapids to try to touch the White stone that was in the center of the River. Some people died in the attempt. But still they kept the tradition. It was about touching Christ represented by the White Stone.

This event was getting ready to take place and people were standing on the bridge watching the event. Though everyone was watching, no one spoke a word out of fear Of the Sharia Enforcement officers. These officers would have public executions
In the town square for breaking their laws.
It was quite gory watching the beheadings.
Stealing involved losing your hand. People trembled for fear, especially the Christian population. And since participating in Christian events was illegal they were afraid to show their support.

But as the horn sounded and the participants were fighting the current of the river, desper -ately trying to touch the white rock, I felt such a swelling of Joy, I was shaking with Excitement for the valiant youths. And I felt the Spirit swell up in me and felt that I would pop! And out it came! Go! You can make it! Go, Go! You can make it! Keep going!

Then others started yelling and routing them on.
The Sharia Officers picked up their guns and started towards the disorderly group of people who were now all shouting their support. And suddenly something happened! Instead of breaking up the group, Fear gripped their hearts. They were backing off. Some people continued cheering the participants on while others noticing the fear in the officers and started walking towards them.
And that’s where my dream ended.

The second dream, was also in the mountains of Virginia/West Virginia. I was living in a cabin in the back woods of Virginia with my daughter. And suddenly there were bears trying to get into our cabin. There were a lot of them but my daughter and I fought them off. This went on for days. Then I was away at a meeting and my daughter calls me saying “there are bears here”.
And I awoke.

This symbolic dream, I believe was of Russian
soldiers coming down through Canada into the States through the mountains we were living in.
It wasn’t long after that when I heard the prophetic word by Henry Gruver, a mighty man of God, giving a word about Russian soldiers coming down through Canada to invade the USA.

As you know, Russia’s symbol is the bear.

Pray during this time, I have heard unsettling stories of the mark and the (Quantum Tatoo) injection, a pre-mark of the beast.

Remember, We can do all things through Christ that Strengthens us. He always has a way out and there are no limitations for our God. So Trust Him.
He has NEVER said, ” Whoa I didn’t see that coming!”. There is a lot of advantages in
Serving a God that knows everything. All He needs from us, is our faith and trust in Him

During this time while we are in lock down seek God and prepare yourselves for what’s coming. Remember God’s faithfulness and his mercy endures forever, and that He said that He would NEVER leave us or FORSAKE us. Have a bug out bag ready. And be ready for friends and family to reject you. Hopefully that will not be the case, but the Bible clearly states that daughters will rise against their mothers and fathers against their sons….
But for some of us we look only to our spiritual families and the Lord because that’s all we have… So be Dauntless! No Fear! I love you all!

Watchman Marah



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