Bear Dream – Solitary Man

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Bear Dream

February 3, 2023 9:43 AM
Solitary Man


I had a dream last night and leave it to others to determine its spiritual significance. I was part of a group of people, but I didn’t really recognize any and wasn’t sure if I even knew them. We were in some kind of rural setting with buildings and woods. We were hunting and I had a small gun of a kind that was different from a regular gun. Someone shot a bear cub and we knew that the parent bear would come, so we went looking for it.

I was in a group of between 20-50 people and we came to an outbuilding of some kind. We could see the mother bear through a gap in the fence. Everyone sort of stood around and waited for someone to do something. I was towards the back of the group with my strange, smallish gun.

Suddenly from behind us, totally unexpectedly, the father bear came rushing upon us. I tried to fire my gun but nothing happened. I then cocked it and managed to empty it with 4 or 5 shots. All the while I was backing up, and not really seeing if the shots hit, but sensing some woman was being attacked, or at least in grave danger.

The rest of the group seemed to be unaware of this new, imminent threat. I heard the male bear talk and it said something like: ‘now line up in order to be dealt with’, or something to that effect. I knew that it was intent on systematical devouring and destruction of the entire group that it felt responsible for taking away its offspring, and was now going to make them pay. Then I woke up.

Perhaps the interpretation of the dream is that while people of God from all backgrounds, unknown to each other, have focused on a visible threat, and slayed it in the spirit through prayer and action, we have only stirred up a larger beast which was shown to us.

Thus we now have visibly banded together, or perhaps been herded together, focused on this larger, visible beast. Yet the true threat has been hidden from us, and will be sprung once all of God’s people are identified and out in the open, to be systematically devoured by the beast with the ultimate power that is controlling all the other beasts that are now visible.

We do have weapons, but we are unskilled in their use, and may even seem ineffective to us, as we can’t see if they are having any effect. Fear may cause us to walk backward and not even want to look at the true horror that has come to destroy us. The dream ends without knowing what will happen to each person, including myself, because that test is still before us.

Another interpretation is just as the seals in Revelation represent the wrath of man in giving it his best shot in destroying the world, so the trumpets represent the wrath of the adversary and his fallen ones. Even as the schemes of the cabal and their minions are being exposed as they begin to turn on one another, and it seems as if at least some of their schemes may fall apart, so it will be replaced with something worse.

As the trumpets sound, the judgments begin to take on more of a supernatural flavour. Fallen beings performing dark miracles bring a whole new level of terror and trial. Sudden, unknown, and unexpected calamity will materialize. Isaiah 48:6-8 (KJV) seems to indicate that in the end time, God will create new things never done before, and has chosen not to reveal it beforehand until now, so that none of us could brag that we knew it was coming.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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