Feb 27, 2020 10:32 AM
Collins Ouma


was woken up around 12 midnight to pray and intercede today 27th Feb.After My worship and prayer the Lord gave out this word to comfort and encourage His children:

My dear beloved son,tell My people to be strong. Your enemy has now risen in complete anger and he is seeking to fight back My children. As he sees Me connecting My true children he has risen in retaliation and releasing oppressing spirits to torment My people. I see it all.he has wicked plans and agenda to disrupt and bring anxiety, mistrust, doubts and fear in your lives.

Do not allow him.Do not give him any chance . He thrives on your fears,doubts and anxiety. That’s the reason My word says : Do not be anxious over anything but by prayer and petition make your request known unto God.

I receive and answers all your prayers. When you pray to Me, I hear and answers. The only thing is I don’t answer as you expect. I answer some immediately, some I choose to answer later while to others I delay. This all I do to build up your faith in Me. Believe whatsoever you ask of Me you receive. For what father when his son asks for bread gives him stones? I generously and willingly give to all My children.

Do not allow the enemy speak to your mind that I do not here your prayers. That is a lie for he has been lying since the beginning.Anytime you bend your knees to pray to Me , I bend My ears to listen to you. So every prayer you make comes and is received in My throne room.

Some of you despair early. Hold unto Me until you see your answers. Be like that woman who said in her heart that until I touch His garment I would be healed and made well. And she touched My garment and received her healing. Do not be faint hearted. Once you pray, have faith and believe to receive the answers to your petitions.

I speak to all of in your lives. The problem many have is that they do not perceive it’s Me. They think it’s their mind and thoughts and they lack faith that I can speak to them. Do I choose people I speak to? Have faith in Me. I have been speaking always and ever to you. Why do you doubt the words I put in your heart? Didn’t I not say that My Spirit dwells in you and leads you in all things? Where is your faith in Me My beloved son and daughter?

Some of have Allowed themselves to only listen to mere men. Men will fail you. Prophets will fail .But I DON’T AND WILL NOT FAIL YOU.

Ever since you accepted Me, l have been speaking to you in so many ways. Do not perceive it to be your own thoughts and feelings and mind or illusion. What could have happened if the writers of the Bible assumed My voice as you have assumed to be their own thoughts and mind?would have the Bible been written? would it have been written? Answer VB Me!.

Suppose they had doubts and unbelief in their mind, could they have written My word?.

Many of you misses Me in their lives and decisions because they do not acknowledge that it’s Me speaking to them through their mind ,heart and spirit. That is a lie from the enemy. Don’t you know you have the mind of Christ because the Spirit of Christ dwells in you?

Your enemy loves it when you live in a state of doubts and unbelief for that’s where he hides, laughing at you. Will you allow him? Who said I only speak through visions and dreams? Who said I only speak to a selected few? I speak to all in different ways and manners.

Son tell My church to learn to trust and have faith in Me. For without faith it is impossible to please Me. I take pleasure in faith

Do not think that you are not important or your prayers are not working. What kind of God could I be to allow you go through the pain and agony of prayers and worship of Me and yet chooseth not to answer you?. Have faith in Me and continue in steadfast prayer and worship in Me and you shall receive all that have been kept in store for you.
Always stand guard in prayer and I will continue fighting your battles and guarding your souls and those of your beloved. I am coming soon.

Joshua 23:14, John 14:40,Jh19:10-11,Jere33:20-25 and Ezek16:60
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Shalom,love and grace
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya


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