Be Still – Krystal Beall

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Be Still

December 12, 2022
Krystal Beall

December 12, 2022

My Beloved redeemed ones. My weary, faithful, longing ones. My called and chosen, set apart ones. My refined by fire ones. My anointed ones. My little flock. MINE. How you worry about many things. How busy and rushed many of you seem to be in this hour. Where? Where are you going? Why do you rush all over to and fro? You seem to move about as if you are confused. Beloved soul of mine I am not the author of confusion but of peace. Peace . Be still. Be still soul. Do not doubt. Do not fear. Do not rush about fully of worry and doubt. I have gone before thee. I AM with thee. Never will I forsake thee. Oh ye of little faith. Why did you doubt? Believe. Have I not said…. Is it not written believe and ye Shall see my glory. I have said. And it is written. I AM who I AM. I AM the LORD. The GOD of all flesh, maker of heaven and earth. Is there anything to hard for me? No. I AM revisiting and reminding. Comforting all who need it in this most dark hour. Have I not allowed all these things for my GLORY? I have. Then praise me in the mist of your pain beloved. Praise me for if you are in the fire I have sent it. I AM refining and purifying. I will avenge your life. I know what you need and desire. You need not seek prayer from countless others over that which I AM aware of. I know. Beloved I know. I have you engraved upon my palm. I have you where I do desire you be. Are you waking by faith and not by sight? Are you believing and trusting me fully. Are you fearful of the storm and cry out to me the familiar words spoken …. Master care not that we perish? I have awakened from my deep dream. I AM in the boat. A nightmare having rocked the waves. Be still. I AM with thee. It is calm. It is well. The hour is dark and evil is raging. I AM repaying a most grevious generation. I AM restoring and resurrecting in this hour as well. I AM who I AM. The first and the last. The beginning and the end. I AM. All things have changed. All things have changed. All things have changed. Behold. Arise. My Glory has come. Risen. Stand. Behold. Enter in. It is finished. Awaken. Look not behind. Look not to the left or the right. Look straight ahead. Look to me. Eyes on me. Faith. Faith. Faith. I will help you. I AM your ever present help. I AM your strong tower. I AM able. I can. I will. I have. Do you believe this? Do you have faith in me? Do you believe that I AM ABLE TO DO ABOVE ALL YOU COULD EVER HOPE FOR OR EXPECT? Do you believe that I have? Your faith greatly pleases me. Great are your rewards. I come quickly. The end of all things hath come. Are you awake? Are you watching? Are you in prayer? Are you expecting me…. Unexpectedly? The bitter and the sweet. When I share my cup and you drink with me, partaking in all I AM it feels like a burn in your belly. It hurts. Know that I love you. I have called you mine. Know this too that you who have drank this bitter shall drink the sweet. I AM not a man that I should lie. I AM the way. I AM the truth. I AM the life. Great great and terrible darkness , wrath. Vengane. I will repay beloved one. It is all in my hands and all in my control. Unfolding as I will. Be still and be excited to behold me. I have thirsted for you. For this finality. The fulfilment of all things. I have scattered. I have gathered. I have down. I have reaped. I have labored and travailed in my soul. I shall now eat the fruit of my labor and savor every morsel. I shall now see the travail of my soul and be satisfied. I shall now overturn all things. Expect me. Expect Glory. My Glory. Expect the garden restored. The years restored. Expect the very best. Above all you can expect or hope from me. I AM the LORD. Ye Shall go forth in green pastures and praise my holy name. I have dealt wonderfully with you. With loving kindness I have drawn you. I have loved you with an everlasting love. Crowned.


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