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December 27, 2022 5:30 PM
Krystal Beall

Peace be still ; MY beloved little flock. Be still. The battle is most severe in this most dark and evil hour. The battle is mine and I have overcome. It is finished.

The hour of darkness has indeed come. Come with relentless fury it has. For many of my own you are weary and battle worn. The onslaughts of intense attacks are relentless for you. Many cries flood my throne and pierce my heart.

Be still. I will fight for you. I AM. I AM moved with great love and compassion for you. Beloved one why do you weep?

Has your faith been greatly tested? Have you been refined in the fire of purification? Have you in the throws of pain and the blanket of darkness , fallen? Has your sorrow made you sleepy and have you fallen asleep? I call your name. Awaken. Awaken. Awaken. Arise. Stand.

I have not left you. I have not forsaken you. I know that many of you feel that I have. Many are the cries in this hour that I have forsaken them!!!! How this is not so. I cried the same cry from the depths of my soul and it is my cry. A cry of compassion and mercy. Man’s cry I made my own.

I understand all the anguish and agony. I mourn constantly in this hour for fallen humanity and my pain is excruciating. Excruciating agony. Deep and most contrite pain am I enduring. Is it not as I said as is written that Godlessness abounds and for such the love of many shall wax cold? I have said and it is written. It is so.

The great falling away has happened. Fallen. Fallen. Fallen. Many, so many are blind. So many are lost. Deaf and beguiled. Woe.

I have warned and warned and warned. Warned. I have poured out my spirit and your son’s and daughters dream dreams, receive visions. I have risen up prophets and have sent them to you my final generation and many like myself are rejected. Mocked and scorned. Dismissed and falsely labeled. Was not I? Is it not me who the world so greatly hates? It is I.

As the darkness increases with great depth by my hand, I shall shine ever more brighter. I shall make the earth so dark. Even now I increase the darkness and the bitter air is a reflection of many hearts. COLD. FROZEN. CALLOUSED. I have said REPENT. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Many love the world. Love the broad path and shall be met with destruction.

You have offered me your prayers and your tears. You have lifted up to me and made known your desires. I have listened. I have heard. I have answered beloved little flock of mine. Do not be anxious or afraid. Fear not. Be still. Am I NOT able to do above all you could hope for, fathom, and expect?

Is anything too hard for me? Is anything impossible with me? No my weary one. Nothing is impossible with me. Take heart. Be still. Follow me ONLY. Come out and come away from the world. Be separate. There are legions of voices much deception.

Listen to my voice in the stillness. Drink and be satisfied. I lift your head oh weary soul of mine. I breathe upon you my breath of life. I AM the resurrection. To all of you who mourn now rejoice for in an instant you shall laugh and your joy shall be unceasing. I will fulfill all that I have willed and purposed for your life. I have. I AM good. Good. Good. Trust me. I have loved you with an everlasting love and with kindness have I drawn you. Hope. Expected end.

To all who are carrying their cross and are following me; rejoice and be exceedingly glad. You can not fathom the glory at hand. It is the narrow way of self denial, SACRAFICE and obedience. The way of pain. Through much suffering shall you enter in. The servants realm. My path. My way. I AM the way. Look up. For what you desire comes. I say to you as the good shepherd, having walked before you, with you and in you….well done my good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the LORD. My JOY. My delight is in you. Through the fire the stone is removed. A crown as I promised. All things new. Come up hither. Open your eyes and behold. Restoring the joy. Restoring lives. Resurrection. GLORY. Do not doubt but believe.


December 27, 2022

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