Be Still and know that I AM GOD – M Goss

Be Still and know that I AM GOD – M Goss


I began to praise Him, I was nudged to be silent, to sit in stillness and silence. I heard The Spirit saying “Be still and know that I AM GOD” “Be still and know that I AM GOD.”

As I did a peace covered me and suddenly I was walking by a beautiful, peaceful blue stream with beautiful bright green grass. I was told to drink from the stream, then I saw a tree to the right of the stream and was led to sit by the tree. As I sat down, I felt the peace and the Glory of God on my face. Then I was asked “Who are you”? I responded, I am your daughter who you created. And He responded…Yes, you are MY daughter. Suddenly The Lord was sitting next to me by the tree. I was so happy and felt so much love. I leaned my head into Him and was enveloped with overwhelming peace and joy. I asked Him “what can I do for you Lord”? He said, walk with me. He said “see the water…it moves because I tell it to, everything moves because I tell it to. And it stops when I tell it to.” Suddenly the stream stopped moving and everything was still. Then we began to ascend up the stream and up a still waterfall where we rested on a ledge and overlooked the peaceful stream and green grass and trees. Then He told me “They need to learn to hear my voice, otherwise the darkness will overtake them.” It was then that I could see dark dark dark clouds in the distance. And was told….”You must tell them, They have to learn to hear my voice.”

Be still and know that I AM GOD

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  1. Brandy

    Please can you explain to me how to seek God. I want to be able to hear Him, how exactly do i seek with all my heart? Who am I seeking? The Father or Jesus alone? I am reading the Word and praying but thats not enough. How much time is needed? Do i need to be physically on my knees the whole time or is it the just coming from the heart that matters. Can i sit upright on my bed to seek Him or is that a bad idea? I desperately want a closer relationship but am struggling to even go about it

    • EFH

      We were given permission to release this message to you, as it will help answer your very important question:


      “Where do you go to find God? Have you ever wondered this? You have heard that He is all around you, but you have not experienced Him as you wish. So, what do you do, and how do you connect with God…..The Triune God?

      In the Bible, you read about how God spoke with a few; you also read about how the Holy Spirit spoke with many, and you read about Jesus who spoke with multitudes; but how do you, as the individual that you are… speak with God?

      You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the answer is quite simple. God speaks to you through His Word, every time you read it; and if you search the Word with an open heart, and with pure intentions; God will give you a private revelation. You will see a scripture just jump off the page; or you will simply open to the verse that is exactly the message that you had been needing; or someone else reading the Word, in the present, or through media; will have the message that you needed. Approaching God’s Word in humility, and sincerity, many times brings about these little miracles.

      Then, there is praying to God, and actually hearing words from Him in your mind—completely separate from you own thoughts. If you are truly seeking God, AND are living your life for Him; often you will hear from Him in a ‘still small voice’. You will learn to recognize it, even while testing the spirits; and you will gain vast knowledge from His messages. Some call these prophetic words, or mystical experiences; but they are just God, wanting to have a relationship with one, who wants to have a relationship with Him.

      All it takes, in many cases is to be an ‘open vessel’, truly desiring to do God’s will, and He will use you through these messages, and will enlighten you and others with wisdom that is applicable, and sometimes critical to a particular time frame.

      Then, there is actual sightings, or visions with Words from the Lord. Few have these visitations; yet, the ones who do, are frequently people who have an immediate critical need of some kind; or someone who is at a critical phase in their life, relative to their beliefs. When God crosses the realms such as this, there must be a very compelling reason for it; and the one seeing God will be blessed greatly.

      So, to begin your quest to hear from God; start by humbling yourself, and kneel in His presence, and pray to Him; just as if He were with you. You may even lie on your face, and beseech Him for knowledge. He loves when His creations acknowledge Him as God and stand humbly in His Presence.

      If you do this, and Study His Word, and Seek His Face; you will find Him, and He will commune with you. This is how He created you to be.

      Be blessed, and reach out for your God.

      Ruach HaKodesh”

      given to:

      —John Patmos

  2. Ann

    Dear Brandy, all forms of prayer are good. You are seeking both the Father and Jesus. Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus, thank the Father for everything in your life and your life itself. Ask that His will be done in your life. Praise Him and Jesus. Then ask him for a special relationship with Jesus. Pray to Jesus as well. Tell Him of your desire to know Him. Seek Him on your knees early in the morning, then through out the day pray all the day long, in your car, at work, at the end of the day on bended knee again, talk to Him about your day, about your feelings and report to him what you have tried to accomplish in His name. Scripture study helps with all of this. Read His word morning and night, or focus on one verse a day, all day. Bring your life into
    obedience with God’s word. Ask Jesus to show you what darkness lies in your heart, and that you will give it away to know Him. Obedience is key. If you have a favorite sin, do not tell the Lord you will give it away if you have no intention of doing so, He knows it. He also has a plan for your life, desire to know this plan, and be willing to change your plans for His. Never give up!

  3. Melinda

    Sister Brandy, where do you live? The reason I ask is I host a prayer call every night @ 9pm est…This is the # 515-604-9575 code 492938# It is amazing what the Holy Spirit is doing we are all growing and moving into new levels of understanding. It is one area of my calling to help my brothers and sisters grow in The Lord Spiritually that is why He gave me the message…so anything you need I am here for you…Much love your Sister in Christ, Melinda

  4. Brandy

    Thankyou for the replies. Melinda, i live in Canada so i dont think it would be free for me.

    John Patmos i do all that you mentioned as far as I’m aware. Thats why im wondering about details like how much time do we spend on our knees? The whole time we talk to God? could this seeking His face go on for months? Years? I have no idea how to hear his still small voice. Ive tried silence and stillness. The Word hasnt really jumped out at me that i can recall..but i am reading his word with humble and sincere intentions. I just want to know Him and understand and be in communion. I want to be His sheep that knows His voice. I have heard Him speak to my heart through others but never directly that i can recall.

    Thankyou Ann, i wont give up.

  5. Melinda

    Ok here are some easy tips…

    Read the Word DAILY and always read it aloud.

    Praise Him whenever you can..if you get a song of praise in your heart sing it

    Pray…when u pray repent and put on the full armor.

    Be still in His presence during prayer or whenever you can….The Word says Be Still and Know That I AM GOD….I learned this one through the vision…

    Much love to you Sister

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