Be Still and know that I AM GOD – M Goss

Be Still and know that I AM GOD – M Goss


I began to praise Him, I was nudged to be silent, to sit in stillness and silence. I heard The Spirit saying “Be still and know that I AM GOD” “Be still and know that I AM GOD.”

As I did a peace covered me and suddenly I was walking by a beautiful, peaceful blue stream with beautiful bright green grass. I was told to drink from the stream, then I saw a tree to the right of the stream and was led to sit by the tree. As I sat down, I felt the peace and the Glory of God on my face. Then I was asked “Who are you”? I responded, I am your daughter who you created. And He responded…Yes, you are MY daughter. Suddenly The Lord was sitting next to me by the tree. I was so happy and felt so much love. I leaned my head into Him and was enveloped with overwhelming peace and joy. I asked Him “what can I do for you Lord”? He said, walk with me. He said “see the water…it moves because I tell it to, everything moves because I tell it to. And it stops when I tell it to.” Suddenly the stream stopped moving and everything was still. Then we began to ascend up the stream and up a still waterfall where we rested on a ledge and overlooked the peaceful stream and green grass and trees. Then He told me “They need to learn to hear my voice, otherwise the darkness will overtake them.” It was then that I could see dark dark dark clouds in the distance. And was told….”You must tell them, They have to learn to hear my voice.”

Be still and know that I AM GOD

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