Be Still and know that I am God – Cheryl

Be Still and know that I am God – Cheryl

Be still, and know that I am God. Settle everything that comes to distract and cause you anxiety upon who I am. Let all this that seeks to occupy you be absorbed into the truth of who I am. Deal with each as a transaction. You have worry? Take it and place it upon me and receive My peace. You are plagued with the needs and wants in today’s world? Take and place them upon Me and receive My contentment. As these come again to harass you, remind them and yourself that ‘I have Christ’s peace and am still in His arms’ or, ‘ I am content in Christ and have need for nothing – in Him’ This is my heavenly economy– that the world knows nothing about for they are transactions that are priceless and full of great power.

As you invite me into your daily living and struggles the power and influence of the enemy will weaken over you in areas that you deal with in this way. Be warned as you lend to them, you essentially are giving glory to evil– which invites and invokes more of its hold upon you and your situation. But, as you look to Me, and ascribe to Me your full attention and acknowledgement of who I am you are making the way for my cleansing of all the evil and distractions that are there to snare you. Do not speak into the ‘power’ of negativity around you. Don’t say things like ‘my day is going bad because of such and such’ or even think such things. Because you are giving the forces of evil glory, which allows it the power and influence over you. Even when you think or say such things but pray to me regarding them – your prayer is held back because of the honoring you are doing by giving it glory – for I share my glory with no one! Therefore I cannot participate in your plea….no matter how sincere you are. You must repent in that you give the evil around you the honor that you have first – than you may come to Me. The psalmist David spoke about the negative around him and in most of his writings was a ‘But’ there is power in that but! You can speak to me about your ‘bad day’, telling me all about what is happening and then go on to say…but my God is greater! Oh yes, there is power in that! It must be more than words you speak – you must live and believe what it is you speak. You cannot recite who I am on one hand and live contrary to this by living a life of sin. It is amazing on how many of my children expect Me to move on their behalf – while they choose to sin in their daily life. Oh that my children would repent and choose to follow me with all their heart! For they would experience my love, my power and a sound mind.


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