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Be Ready for the Things that I Have Told You Will Take Place Suddenly, Without Notice

December 27, 2020 12:16 PM
Jeff Byerly

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Received 12-27-20 starting at midnight through 11:22 AM

During this time that men celebrated My supposed birthday did you seek Me or did you just do what you’ve always done? There are those that celebrated My first coming with a pure heart but they are very few in number. I am letting it be known that I never told anyone to celebrate the day of my birth. Why do you think that Christmas is celebrated  by more people than any other holiday in this world? Just because men mention christ do not assume they are speaking of Me. It is not to honor Me, Jesus, Yeshua. It is because it is the celebration of antichrist, the one that the whole world loves because the spirit of antichrist rules your world. You say, “NO! That couldn’t be!”, but I ask you now after you have had your supposed celebration of My birth, have you even thought about Me since?

I know the answer of each one of you, you cannot hide it from Me. Most of the answers are no. I want you to know that this grieves My heart. Most do not think of Me because they do not know Me and they do not even want to know Me. Most have not My Spirit but know Me only by name and the knowledge of a book and the traditions and religious doctrines of men, demons and of the fallen ones.  On the outside they look righteous, holy and pious but their hearts are full of evil, wicked abominations and blasphemies. My blood never reached their hearts because they never let me in. They think that they are good if they believe with their minds that I exist.  They have not read and understood My word that says even the demons believe and they tremble because they know that I am coming to destroy them. They think they are good  but I have said there is none good, no not even one. Your righteousness is as filthy, putrid, rotting rags and there is no cleansing them except for with My blood. Most of the world thinks they have no need for Me but they are oh so wrong. On Judgement Day each one of you will be screaming out My name. Everyone will realize that I AM the only Savior then. They will be begging and pleading for Me to have mercy on them but I will have to say I don’t know you. Absolute terror will grip their hearts and will never let go when they see the plight of their eternal fate. Then those will be cast into the fire and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. The fire will not be quenched and neither will the tormenting thoughts of fear and dread and hopelessness because they rejected the only begotten Son of God when His Spirit came to them.

There is still time, though very little, if you would repent of your sins and receive My sacrifice this day and turn from your wicked ways and follow My ways and commandments. My blood must be applied to a broken and contrite heart or it will not penetrate to the depths of one’s spirit. If it does then I will wash you and cleanse you with My blood and I will put a new Spirit in you, My Spirit, and give you life where you only had death before. Then I will give you a heart of flesh instead of stone and you will know My ways and you will follow them because they will be written on your heart. You will rejoice and say, “I am a new creation, the old is gone and I am reconciled and made pure and holy and spotless by the blood of the Lamb!” You will receive My spirit and shall walk by it, for it is the power that raised Me from the dead and by that power you shall go forth into the world and be My witnesses. You shall not be lead astray for you shall hear the whisper of My Spirit telling you to go to the right or left if you have sought Me with all of your heart. You may stumble and veer  from My path from time to time but you will not be utterly lost if you repent continuously and ask My Spirit to lead you back. Do not grieve or ignore the voice of My Spirit because some have listened to deceiving spirits and have been lost. This is more prevalent today than ever because most do not know My word but only false teachings and doctrines. Study My written word, it will guide you when you question what you hear. I will never tell you anything that goes against My commandments in the written word and My Spirit will lead you to understand it rightly and He will bear witness to it. Do not add or subtract anything from My words.

Be ready for the things that I have told you will take place suddenly, without notice. There will be no excuse because I have warned you over and over and over again. Yet there are so many that have let My warnings go unheeded saying they are far off still. They mock and scoff and say, “The prophets did not hear right, we have more time.” I tell you that all those who say this will be caught unaware for I will send a snare to catch them. I will not be mocked! Whatever a man has sown he will also reap. I tell you the time of judgment has come to this world and My wrath shall follow. The time of separation has come there will be no more mixture of good and evil. There will be only black or white, no gray. There will be only wheat or tares, sheep or goats, the fruit of the trees will be plainly seen, you will have oil or you will be in need of it. Soon comes the day when I say, (Rev. 22:11)”He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” In that day there will be no more time but today I say, (Rev.22:12)“And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”

There are also some of you who know Me that I must warn. You have taken your eyes off of Me and you have put them on the events and circumstances of this world. You say, “This event must happen and then this other event and etc. etc. etc…” You have lost your focus on Me and you are not ready either. I have not given all of the details of everything that is to come. I have given My messengers certain events so that My children are not blindsided when they occur and that they might be ready and fully dressed for battle with the enemy. Things will not go totally as any man, including the one giving this message, has said because not all has been revealed. You should have been seeking Me, talking to Me and spending time in My presence and not seeking out worldly information of dates, numbers, signs, days, times, seasons, objects, symbols, people and places and things… You should have spent this time with Me! Then you would be ready and have what you need during this time. Yet you are not ready and the bridegroom is at the door! You beg Me to come and “Rapture” you, yet if it were time for that I would not be able to take you! You do not understand that when I come there will be no time to get ready. You must ready yourselves now! The enemy is coming like a flood of darkness, wickedness and every evil thing with all of the power that he has left because he knows his time is short and you are no match for him, unless you are empowered by My Spirit. DO NOT DECEIVE YOURSELVES! Most of even the very elect are not ready for what comes and there is now no delay.

So, I say this day seek to fill yourself with My Spirit more than anything else and YOU WILL BE! I will give you the power to overcome but you must lock yourself in with Me. You must be My prisoner so that you are freed from the chains and shackles of this world. You must know Me deeper than ever before and I will ready you. The great anointing and transformation will only come upon those who know Me intimately. I have a great work to be done in this time of harvest and I want you to help Me, so that you can receive the reward I have for you. It is better than you have ever dreamed! But I will not force you to do anything for Me even though it’s the best possible outcome for you. I ask you, would you please spend time with Me this day and everyday hence? I long for you! Come to Me, My fair one and I will give you peace and rest. I will speak to you and you will know if you are ready because I will tell you Myself.



Jesus the Christ

King of kings and Lord of lords

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