Be Ready, Children – Sara L

Be Ready, Children

Sep 19, 2019, 10:41 AM
Sara L
This Word was received on 9/16 around 10 a.m. while I was in prayer.
     “Write this down for MY people, MY children, cleansed in MY Holy Blood. They are LOVED. They are protected. They are anointed with MY Holy Spirit and washed clean in MY Blood. I am beside them in the midst of every storm. Lean on ME. Children you are so very loved by your FATHER in Heaven.
Soon all that I’VE loved will be in MY presence.
Some will be judged harshly. Those that have washed their robes shall shine in MY Glory.
Stay in ME children. I will protect you in ways only the creator of Heaven and earth can.
Your government is absolutely corrupt. DO NOT believe the lies.
Come before ME and I will show you truth.
Walk in MY ways and the peace that surpasses all understanding shall be yours.
Be ready, Children.
This material world crumbles quickly before your eyes.
Do not be dismayed for this has been planned since the dawn of time, MY time.
I control all.
Trust ME.
I am the Alpha and Omega.
I am the Most HIGH.
I am your FATHER in Heaven.
Come to ME, doves and I shall keep you into eternity. FEAR NOT.
I AM above all. I control all plots and schemes of the enemy, they are all in MY hands.
Your FATHER in Heaven reigns above all evil on earth.
Precious ones, stay ready for your time is near.”
Much love to all my brothers and sisters in the body of YESHUA.
Please pray for the lost.


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