be ready children for their is hard times ahead – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

be ready children for their is hard times ahead

Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Message from the holy Trinity

Be strong and bold and courageous my children do not be afraid to speak my word and my gospel be prepared for hard times, be ready children for there are hard times ahead. Go deep in prayer seek out the father, seek out the father now children seek out the Lord with all your strength children get ready prepare yourselves. I am here with you and I have not abandon you, Be ready to speak the gospel, to speak the truth humble yourself my children for I am with you and I shall not abandon you and do not fall short of the glory of God. This is not a time to hold back but to come even more stronger even as Temptations and trials cross your path don’t falter in your path with the Lord. Be strong my children be ready for hard times are ahead the body of Christ will be shaken like never before. Many will lose your faith but many should come to repentance and to the acknowledgment of the Lord Jesus Christ . Children this is not the time to be weak but to be bold and courageous. sincerely Jesus of Nazareth, Holy Spirit and God Almighty

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  1. Arizona

    YES,OUR FATHER is going to SHAKE these sleeping christians like they can’t even imagine,AND I WILL WARN THE CHURCHES,you had better wake up,or like OUR FATHER SAID you’ll wake up in hell…is that your choice,It will be for 90% of america and almost all the churches,there won’t many of them be going home…

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