Be Prudent My Children – Only A Grain of Sand

Be Prudent My Children
April 17, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

Lift up your eyes, and begin to watch the sky for signs, My people for many changes shall be visible to the naked eye, in the sun, moon and stars. Become attuned to the colors you see and quality of the air, and it purity, or lack thereof. Pray for protection, always covered by My Precious Holy Blood, from the chemicals, that are sprayed on you by the evil ones.

Wash your clothes (outer-wear), even just in water, regularly, and always wear hats, to shield your heads, from the poisons, meant to kill you My children. Their intensity will be accelerated, this Spring and Summer, to facilitate the continued cull of humanity, demanded by the anti-Christ.

Do not fear, but be prudent and know you are protected, as My own children, worthy of such. I AM is warning you now, listen. Sunbathing should be considered a thing of the past. I demand decency, but if you continue to expose your bodies the melanoma and skin damage rates, will increase beyond your ability to comprehend. The atmosphere will change, and become an enemy to mankind. Take precautions, and cover your bodies.

Jesus Christ

Scriptural Reference:

Proverbs 27 Verse 12
“The prudent man seeing evil hideth himself: little ones passing on have suffered losses.”

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