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Be prepared to leave everything and everyone behind for duty when God calls – AJ

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Be prepared to leave everything and everyone behind for duty when God calls

August 30, 2020 10:02 PM

Hello. Today is 31/08/2020

I’ve just had a dream it’s almost 5am in the morning.

In this dream, I was home and then suddenly green fighter helicopters came. One of the helicopters had an antenna at the nose and it was turning and changing direction like searching for signal. And before I knew it I was going up into one of the fighter helicopters. And then I said “wow, look at these commandos”. There were soldiers wearing green army uniforms sitting opposite facing each other and they had automatic rifles in their hands. They were all looking serious and none of them was smiling.

Then after that I was sitting with one of my friends and there was a lot of language bags in the back of then what seemed to be an automobile. There was another young man sitting with us in the back. And suddenly as we talked it dawned on me that we had been recruited to go for army training to serve Jesus in the end times. I was glad I had been called for this purpose but I was also sad and crying because it had been so sudden and I hadn’t said good bye to my family it happened so fast. So I asked my friend “when did they come to pick us up because I wasn’t aware?” Then the other young man we were seated with said “some time at midnight but I was awake when they came, they sent everyone a message check your phone and see”. And I got my phone and saw a new message icon at the top I hand not read yet. I tried to read the message but for some reason it didn’t show anything.

But after that we got out of the automobile and one of the commandos spoke to us and said “you have all been selected for God’s army…” And we were standing somewhere possibly in a small field with the others and there were white lambs standing next to us.

End of account.

I awoke from this dream at around 4:44am. I am more than certain given the circumstances that we don’t have much time left and it may sound cliche but it’s the truth. Be prepared to leave everything and everyone behind for duty when God calls.


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