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BE PREPARED – Amanda White

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Chinese soldiers supervising distribution of famine relief rations


August 16, 2020 10:47 PM
Amanda White

I have another urgent message from the Lord for you, received today at 1:39 PM.

The Lord says:

“My children, my word is not finished and my prophecy is not yet fulfilled. You my children pray for me to speak to you, yet you do not listen to your Lord God when I speak. When I reveal to you your wrong doings, denial fills you instead of repentance. The sin surrounding your heart is becoming coarse and hollow, for you do not truly want to know what is blackening your faithfulness. For this I say to you, do not be consumed by the trends of this world for they will not save you. Do not follow your own thoughts, for they may be tainted by that of the devil. You pray to me, so this time listen. I am speaking to you louder now. Be in me, for I shall embrace you and cleanse you with righteousness so you will no longer be filled with sin, yet purified in my righteousness for I am the God of purification. Only through me can you have eternal salvation. Come my children, for I your father in Heaven, am waiting for you to finally repent of your wicked ways. If you are only luke-warm in your faith, you will not have eternal life but eternal damnation. A famine unlike any you have seen will fill America. Be prepared for I am coming. I am coming soon. Be prepared. Be prepared to purify your spirit in me, the God of the most high. For no sin is too great for me to forgive, as I love all my children equally.”

God bless you,

Amanda White


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