Be on Guard! Be Alert!- 278pikelk

Bt 278pikelk

December 21, 2012

Be on Guard! Be Alert!

All of My sheep, stay with Me now. Follow your Shepherd into the wilderness. We will be following a path that brings Us into the deep forest now. If My sheep do not keep their eyes fixed on Me, they will surely fall off the path and it will be much harder than ever for them to return. Do not take any chances, fixate on Me now. Prepare yourselves for what lies ahead. You’ll be facing some challenges and should prepare. I will keep you safe, and watch over you, but people physically and spiritually need to be prepared to be here for a little while. Listen for My guidance and do not delay in doing what I ask of you. I can assure you that you will be protected, but you must be seeking Me and listening for My guidance. Everyone’s lives have been individually different from one another. Some similar, some not so similar. As this has been, so will these last days be. Some will be called upon to rest now, while others will be called upon to war for Me. The key is being prepared for whatever I ask of you. If you are spending time walking in the world and not in My light, you will not be prepared. The people around you will get more and more wrapped up in this world and give less and less thought to what is transpiring around them. As events unfold they will rely on your government for information, and they will rely on your government for help. Your government is evil and is only on the side of Satan. They will do whatever it takes to make Satan’s plan unfold. They will not give you correct information, and they will lie to the masses. Be aware of this, My sheep. Nothing you hear should be trusted. They are controlled by evil now and have been for decades. It’s just now reached a whole new level. Many people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds that they are blind to this evil taking over your nation and your world. This is Satan’s plan. If he can get you thinking of your worldly to do lists, you take your eyes off of what is really going on. It is exceedingly easy for Satan to perpetuate evil and no-one second-guesses it. What used to be taboo is now honorable, and what used to be honorable is now taboo. This is the way he hypnotizes the lost. Satan was very patient for a very long time, but now he sees his time is running out. He is ramping things up rapidly now. Believe nothing you see or hear, or read on your media. All media outlets are controlled by Satan now. Everything you read or hear, test against My Word and ask the Ruach Ha’Kodesh to discern. Do not be fooled. Do not be deceived. You need to heed the warnings of the watchmen, and the watchmen need to heed their own warnings that are coming from Me. Keep your minds clear of all the junk Satan keeps throwing at you and focus on Me. I should be 100 percent of your focus, 100 percent of the time. In all things allow Me to walk with you. I love you, My children. My bride is making herself clean, and soon My Father will allow Me to retrieve her. Not much longer, My bride. I long for a pure bride, as white as snow. Allow the Ruach Ha’Kodesh to work inside your heart to consecrate you and purify you. You will love the freedom that comes from My purity within you. Be alert and recognize all of the signs written in My Word as they are unfolding now. Recognize Me in the signs that are of Me, and recognize Satan in the signs that are of him. It won’t be long now. The Father is inspecting the place I have prepared for you. He will surely soon approve of My bringing My bride home. Soon, My children. Be patient. Soon, soon, soon.


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